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FreeCruiser PDA Holder

FreeCruiser PDA Holder
Price USD 43.37
NZD 66.00
Seller EFrontier - GPS Receivers and Bluetooth for Australia and NZ

FreeCruiser PDA Holder

When coupled with our GMouse you have a complete car navigation solution as no cables are needed and the holder incorporates a built in amplified speaker to make it easy to hear the navigation prompts on your PDA. The GMouse plugs directly into the FreeCruiser PDA Holder. For a different model with a screw on base see GPS Accessories.

You must choose the correct type of connector for the FreeCruiser to match your PDA.

- Multifunctional universal cradle with adjustable 2 button pedestal and separate cigarette power adapter for PDA Phones or PDAs
- Patented universal grips allow it to contract and expand on either right or left side to mount PDA of various sizes
- Flexible gooseneck pedestal to allow positioning of your PDA with optimal directional placement
- Durable suction cup pedestal to easily attached to vehicle's windshield
- Adjustable push button on cradle to easily release the PDA
- Built-in amplified speaker to enable GPS voice navigation for easy use; also can be used for MP3 playback
- Built-in DC power charger that provides continuous charging power to your PDA. For compatible PDA models see below
- Built-in GPS connector to interface with our GMouse GPS receiver
- Changeable base connector for different PDA models

Please choose the specific model with the correct PDA connector when you order.

- LED power-on indicator
- 3.5mm or 2.5mm stereo jack for audio input
- Mini-DIN jack for GPS signal input from our GMouse GPS receiver
- Built-in audio amplifier
- Built-in speaker (8 ohms/1W)
- Reverse voltage protection
- Fuse: 2A
- Output voltage: 5VDC (5V/1A ripple voltage less than 250mVp-p)

We provide various types of multifunction PDA connectors:
- HP iPAQ 17XX/21XX/22XX/24XX/37XX/38XX/
- 39XX/41XX/ 43XX/55XX/63xx/ series
- HP iPAQ 47XX
- HP iPAQ rx61XX(for Korea)
- Dell Axim X50/X50V
- Dell Axim X3/X30 /X5
- Palm Tungsten T.T/T2/T3, M500/ M505
- Palm Tungsten T5
- O2 XDAII, Dopod 700 (Qtek 2020,9090,PDA2/PDA2K)
- XDAII mini / Dopod 818/828 ( i-Mate Jam / QTEK S100 / QTEK S200)
- XDAII mini S /Dopod595/586w/577w/575/585/838 ( QTEK 9100) ( i-Mate K-Jam / SP5/SP5M/SP3/SP3I)
- Acer n30/n35/n50/n300

We also stock a FreeCruiser with a base that screws to a dashboard or other flat surface. Ideal for Boats and Trucks and some cars.
Choose your connector from the choices below

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