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Warriors of Dream Warriors of Dream
... Daniele Bigliardo You are standing alone in a dark, damp hallway. Ominous ... but you have no weapons, nor spells to cast. The presence you sense ... , destroying your armor and breaking your bones. Though pain grasps you, beyond ...

USD 9.95

0one Website
KoDT 153 (PDF) KoDT 153 (PDF)
... ] - Diseases in HackMaster Basic (includes a new cleric option [Mangrus, aka the Rotlord], a new cleric spell [Contagion], and ... Kenneth Newquist - Geek Fu Action Grip: Stop Throwing Me Bones! observed by Mur Lafferty - Gaming the Movies: ...

USD 2.99

Kenzer & Company
KoDT 143 (PDF) KoDT 143 (PDF)
... ., Bob, Sara, Dave, and Brian. - Packin' It In - featuring: Pete Skipowski, Tuley. - One ... ;J doc") by Gary Jackson - Spells That Break the Rules {D& ... Gamer's Pulpit (Guest Editorial) by Ben Bone - Tales from the Table: Actual ...

USD 3.99

Kenzer & Company
... , and sometimes gory in a harmless, slapstick way, this bone-dry black comedy could ... in a blood-soaked suit. Lead Fausa Aurvag deserves kudos for just-so balance between underplayed expression and exaggerated physicality. Dialogue never spells ...

USD 9.95

Film Movement
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