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CAD EPF-15A 6" Flexible Pop Filter CAD EPF-15A 6" Flexible Pop Filter
... Pop Filter. Would you take your brand new microphone into the shower with you? Didn't think so! But every time your singer starts belting out the chorus, they're bathing that mic ... ; or "b," the VU meters go ballistic! Here's the solution—the CAD Pop Filter. The washable nylon mesh screen gently breaks up that explosive rush of air while allowing ...

USD 10.99

Guitar Center
Sterling Audio STPF1 Professional Pop Filter Sterling Audio STPF1 Professional Pop Filter
The Sterling Audio STPF1 Professional Pop Filter eliminates plosives and protects your microphone from saliva. Compatible with most mic mounts. Constructed from long-lasting stretched mesh steel, the metal mesh perforations direct plosive ...

USD 19.99

Guitar Center
Samson Go Mic USB Mikrofon Samson Go Mic USB Mikrofon
... Frage zu Samson Go Mic USB Mikrofon Samson Go Mic USB Mikrofon auf Ihre ... Kunden, die Samson Go Mic USB Mikrofon gekauft haben, kauften auch: Samson PS01 Pop-Filter ...

Soundland Online Music Store
Electro Voice RE50 B Dynamic Omni Interview Mic W/ Mic Flag Combo Electro Voice RE50 B Dynamic Omni Interview Mic W/ Mic Flag Combo
The RE50B is the industry standard for handheld interview mics in broadcast television production. Used on interviews with everyone from the President of the United ... -Damp™ “mic in-a-mic” shock mount system Impervious to wind noise and p-pops via its four- stage pop filter Withstands high humidity, temperature extremes, and corrosive salt air Combo includes square white mic flag.

USD 199.00

TAI Audio
Blue Baby Bottle Blue Baby Bottle
... for recording vocals, percussion or any acoustic instrument, and includes its own custom shockmount and pop filter. The mic comes nestled inside a beautiful cherry-stained wood box. Acoustical Operating Principal: Pressure Gradient ...

USD 528.74
AUD 648.00

Rode NT2-A Studio Solution Rode NT2-A Studio Solution
... audio characteristics combined with the included SM6 shock mount with integrated pop filter,... Descrizione complessiva NT2-A Grossmembranmikrofon mit schaltbarer Charakteristik SM6 elastische ... the included SM6 shock mount with integrated pop filter, 3m (10') XLR cable and dustcover, make the NT2-A one of the most versatile condenser mics available. - Large 1" (25mm) HF1 gold ...

Soundland Online Music Store
Electro-Voice Model RE-20 #743 Electro-Voice Model RE-20 #743
... instrument microphone. Its Variable-D™ design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element ... Response 45 - 18,000 Hz Impedance, Low-Z balanced 150 Ω Mic Type Vocal/Instrument Open Circuit Voltage 1.5 mV/ ...

Radio City, Inc.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Blue Yeti USB Microphone
... work of about $600 worth of different mics. Built-in phantom 48v power for condensor mic capsules. Can use for skype or ... .5 without. BIG! Don't expect much portability. Very sensitive; pop filter recommended. Must be very close to get full, rich ...

USD 129.99

Guitar Center
MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone
I was trying to decide between a ribbon mic or a tube condenser mic for vocals and acoustic guitar. I went with this for the price, and I am ... purchase a pop filter for this, but it is a necessity. I will pick one up this week. It is so sensitive, the lightest breath in the direction of the mic creates plosives ...

USD 99.99

Guitar Center
ProLine Universal Microphone Clip ProLine Universal Microphone Clip
... got this clip not to long ago not to use as a mic clip, but to hold a home made pop filter. It does a quite nice job of holding that in place ... work quite as well... It tilts fairly easily if you put your mouth against the mic, of accidently bump the stand or anything like that. I was using an SM58 on ...

USD 0.99

Guitar Center
Neumann TLM-193 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Neumann TLM-193 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
... with techno- head testimony or micro chip mumbo jumbo in describing this mic. It's more or less an entry level Neumann that would ... it, NO - you're not going to get a shock mount or pop filter with it (though you'll definitely need 'em), YES - you're ...

USD 1,599.95

Guitar Center
TASCAM DR-07MKII Handheld Digital Recorder TASCAM DR-07MKII Handheld Digital Recorder
... live" and amplified sound and adds a little echo. The mics move in different positions which helps you capture sound much better ... table and sat in front of it, no need for a pop filter everything sounded clear! I tend to finger pick and strum ...

USD 149.99

Guitar Center
Electro-Voice RE 320 Electro-Voice RE 320
... pop filters provide virtually noiseless performance - Neodymium magnet structure creates higher output with faster transient response and greater high-frequency detail - Unique "Dual Personality" switch creates two mics ...

Soundland Online Music Store
DPA 4080-BM DPA 4080-BM
... bewegen, ohne Einbußen in der Sprachübertragung hinnehmen zu müssen. Das 4080 verfügt über einen vormontierten Pop-Filter und einen robusten Halte-Clip mit integriertem Schockabsorber. Alle Teile des Mikrofons werden aus äußerst ...

Soundland Online Music Store
... . The R88 uses the large ribbon configuration of the classic RCA 44 series mics, which gives the mic solid 20Hz bass response and a smooth high end which is flattering to complex ... possible, so a pop filter should be used when making close vocal recordings. The R88 may be used for both Blumlein stereo and M-S Stereo recording techniques. The mic is finished in ...

USD 1,916.67
AUD 2,349.00

... applications and permanent installations, all of the AKG C 414 mic's controls can be disabled easily for trouble-free ... delivers the C 414 XLS microphone complete with carrying case, pop filter, windscreen, and spider-type shock mount. For over 60 ...

USD 1,019.13
AUD 1,249.00

... build-up at close proximity like with classic ribbon mics Figure-of-8 pattern works exceptionally well in ... ribbon. - Great wind protection allows vocal recording without pop filter. Reduced proximity effect allows close-up use without ...

USD 896.73
AUD 1,099.00

Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball
... can now replace the pop filter insert, and place your mic on your stand. Plug in your mic and being your tracking session. - The Eyeball can also be used with different pop filters if preferred. If so, make sure to place the pop filter right ...

USD 203.17
AUD 249.00

Blue Spark Studio Microphone Blue Spark Studio Microphone
... . The only negative that keeps this from being a 5 star mic is the flimsy shock mount and a mediocre pop filter. The shockmount is made of aluminum and looks fantastic, but the ... to the stand can cause the mic to move from position. The custom pop filter looks amazing as well, but cannot handle hard plosives that a good pop filter should. Overall I strongly recommend this ...

USD 199.00

Guitar Center
Audix FireBall Harmonica Microphone Audix FireBall Harmonica Microphone
... -suited for both chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, the FirebBall mic features a dent-resistant round grill with a deep red internal pop filter. Contoured to fit comfortably within the palm of your hand ...

USD 199.00

Guitar Center
43 products found. Sort by
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