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Can Can Can Can
... across the restaurant because the creamer was "under pressure"? Inflate a small balloon with pure mental power? It's all possible with Can-Can! Can-Can is a refillable mini ...
USD 352.00

Stand Up and Deliver Stand Up and Deliver
... View Clip Jeff Blum is a professional magician who specializes in stand-up magic and mentalism that can be presented up close as well as in the largest auditoriums. On this ... using stand up magic and mentalism. Routines performed and explained: - Sucked In: A deck is visibly sucked into a balloon and is visibly shuffled while inside the inflated balloon. The first signed selection ...

USD 350.00

The Magic Of Nefesch Vol. 3 (2 DVD) The Magic Of Nefesch Vol. 3 (2 DVD)
... : Impromptu mentalism routine making a spectator stand on a borrowed can with an impossible twist. Bowling: A Mentalism prediction of a bowling game. No more kid's parties: Inflate a balloon with the ...

USD 600.00

Club 71 VOLUME 3 DVD by Cameron Francis Club 71 VOLUME 3 DVD by Cameron Francis
... Bongo and many more. The subjects discussed span everything from mentalism and cards, to magic for children and close-up. IT ... ! COIN IN BALLOON (Angelo Carbone): A coin is thrown towards a balloon and magically appears inside the balloon that can be ...

USD 9.86
GBP 6.00

Wild Colombini Magic
Deep Thought (Limited) by Gregory Arce - Book Deep Thought (Limited) by Gregory Arce - Book
... an envelope or inside of a balloon... this one regularly destroys audiences! "DEEP THOUGHT contains some very powerful and commercial pieces of mental theater. The Balloon trick is worth its weight in ... !" - Paolo Cavalli, author of UPSILON "I love EVERYTHING you have to say about mentalism." - Larry Becker, godfather of mentalism Pages 52 - Saddle Stitch
USD 28.95

Alchemist's Warehouse
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