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Skit and Bits: Create Astonishing Stage Hypnosis Skits and Routi Skit and Bits: Create Astonishing Stage Hypnosis Skits and Routi
... funny skits and dramatic skits - How and why classics like Martian language, hot/cold and hypnotic amnesia skits work. - See almost two dozen skits performed with real audiences and explained step ... along with high impact astonishment - How to use powerful and funny show-closers and post-hypnotic suggestions to end on a high note If you want stage hypnosis training or are considering ...

USD 900.00

Stage Hypnosis Exposed Stage Hypnosis Exposed
... Johns - who performs his hilarious comedy hypnosis show on the Las Vegas strip and has hypnotized tens of thousands of people across the country - will reveal exactly how he does mind ... a successful stage show induction - How to use hypnotic phenomena to create skits - How to safely de-hypnotize - How and why to use post-hypnotic suggestions Running Time Approximately 1hr 35min Additional Image(s)

USD 352.00

Overcome Exam Nerves AudioBook Overcome Exam Nerves AudioBook
... program combining skilled hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. Using post-hypnotic suggestions and powerful echoed affirmations, this recording has been designed to help the listener feel completely ...

ADD Consults: Online Help for Attention De ...
2122.png 2122.png
... , evidence based practice for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol naturally for better heart health. The hypnotic suggestions, soothing guided narrative and powerful affirmations on this audio program are methods that have been ...

USD 6.49

Health Journeys
Rational Hypnotherapy Certification Home Study Program Rational Hypnotherapy Certification Home Study Program
... to relax" for the client to integrate those suggestions into his/her manner of thinking; -- some thoughts / ... Induce a Hypnotic State How to Deepen Hypnotic States ...

USD 275.00

National Association of Cognitive-Behavior ...
32 32
... greedy, the sound of the power hungry the power mad those hypnotized by the world and their egos They don't want ... Forgive... We can have a Funocracy! A Love-ocracy! DARE WE SUGGEST a GONGOCRACY?!!! We can do it!!! IF WE PLAY A BIG ...

USD 1,875.00

Gongs Unlimited
India's Hood Unveiled; South India Mysteries India's Hood Unveiled; South India Mysteries
1910 South India mysteries in three parts. Personal magnetism, hypnotism, mind reading, telepathy, the nature of the human mind, suggestion, how to induce hypnotic sleep, modes of procedure, mesmerism and clairvoyance, magnetic healing ...

USD 17.30

Health Research Books
The Transparency Template by Jonathan Royle - Trick The Transparency Template by Jonathan Royle - Trick
... performances, this unique DVD package is ideal for you. Learn 33 rapid, Instant Inductions, 12 Suggestibility Tests and everything that you'll ever need to know in order to be able ... OF THE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS SET... 33 Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Inductions. 16 Powerful Suggestibility Tests. Numerous Trance Deepening Approaches. The Correct Way to Awaken People From Trance. Constructing ...
USD 135.00

Alchemist's Warehouse
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