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BattleTech: Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter (PDF) BattleTech: Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter (PDF)
... the Inner Sphere, the enigmatic Bounty Hunter and his lance of MechWarriors prowl the battlefields of the universe for the most dangerous of prey. Their deadly calling has carried on for generations, and even the dawning years of the Jihad were no exception. The Bounty Hunter Lance describes the notable MechWarriors who served alongside the Bounty Hunter ...

exclusive		  Homicide Hunter: Season 3 DVD exclusive Homicide Hunter: Season 3 DVD
... been lying. River of Blood Two hunters find a blood-drenched car on a ... groundbreaking new technology to catch the killer. Preying on the Innocent When the son ... are brutally attacked and left for dead. Working with little beyond a vague witness ...

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Shadowrun Legends: Striper Assassin (Digital) Shadowrun Legends: Striper Assassin (Digital)
Prey For The Hunter For the world of humans knows her as Striper, the deadly Asian assassin and kick-artist. She has come to the City of Brotherly Love seeking ... the Philadelphia metroplex. There are other hunters prowling the night, and some possess a power even greater than hers.Some may even want her dead.When the moon rises full and brilliant ...

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