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Learning Resources Erupting Volcano Model - 9146                                  						         								     From $29.99                                                                     							       							      							         							        Theres Learning Resources Erupting Volcano Model - 9146 From $29.99 ...
Theres nothing like an erupting volcano to get kids fired up about earth science! This large plastic model makes volcano demonstrations easy AND mess-free. One half of the detailed cross-section shows the ...

USD 15.00

Epinions.com: Mattresses
Erupting Volcano Model 				 					$39.99 Erupting Volcano Model $39.99

USD 39.99

TeachersParadise.com Teacher Supplies Sch ...
Earthquakes & Volcanoes Earthquakes & Volcanoes
... . Discover plate tectonics, and see how volcanoes and earthquakes are just the consequences of the constant movement of the planet?s parts. Erupt two types of volcanoes to imitate how lava hardens into ... famous volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis in history. The 32-page book guides your experiments. Ages 10 and up. Ages 10 and up 32-page Manual 6 Experiments Activities: ? erupt two volcano models ? play a volcano ...

USD 34.50

Science Line : buy products online for sci ...
Year Book 2012 Year Book 2012
... called Focus On, provide a record of the new car models, Academy Award winners, and weather extremes in 2011. Sports ... Libya that brought down Mu'ammar Qadhafi The Puyehue Volcano Eruption in Chile The Earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan ...

World Book Store
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