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... dollar bill. - Crumple it into a loose ball or fold it. - Set it on your open palm. - Slowly, eerily and mysteriously, the bill ... for floating the bill plus the following tricks: - PSI Pencil - The magician causes a BIC pen or pencil to roll ...

USD 12.00

New Planet Magic Shop

... ;Pen Penetration" that is completely examinable before and immediately after the routine without a pen switch to cover up! The spectator visually sees the pen piercing right through the center of a dollar bill ... . But that's not all. As a bonus you will learn how to make the pen look more dramatic by adding torn bill fragments at the point of penetration.

USD 30.50

New Planet Magic Shop

... a dollar bill from a spectator. He then takes a CHROME PLATED designer type pen and proceeds to push the point of the pen right through the center of the bill. Spectator actually hears bill being punctured. He then proceeds to rip the pen away from the bill (spectator actually hears tearing). The bill is now ...

USD 40.00

New Planet Magic Shop

Pen Through Anything Pen Through Anything
... invention. Buy the original and best! This special pen, precision crafted, lets you puncture a dollar bill, coin, or even your tongue. Yet when the pen is removed, the object is completely unharmed! One of the most popular close-up tricks of all time. We offer the John Cornelius Pen pictured below! A beautiful cross style gold pen ...

USD 19.95

Hot Shot Magic
隱形線 Invisible Thread 隱形線 Invisible Thread
... a few things that you can do with this quality Invisible Thread… make a dollar bill float, make a pen or pencil slowly stand on end, make an envelope levitate as if by ...

USD 30.00

Off The Cuff DVD by Gregory Wilson Off The Cuff DVD by Gregory Wilson
... It's an eye popping five-phase routine with a borrowed pen and its cap that you will use everyday - everywhere you ... Flip! Sugar Shocker - A sugar packet instantly changes into a dollar bill as it drops through your fist! Plus . . Half a ...

USD 29.95

Hot Shot Magic
Psi Series Banachek- #1, DVD Psi Series Banachek- #1, DVD
... a pen stand up and write the exact word a spectator is thinking . . . all by itself! Predict a corporate image chosen by a CEO! Reveal the serial number of a borrowed dollar bill ...
USD 33.95

Alchemist's Warehouse
Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set (9 DVD's and Pro Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set (9 DVD's and Pro
... , ideas, tips, and added handlings for each effect. The TA Pen which will revolutionize the way you think about magic with dollar bills. Truly astonishing effects, interviews, philosophy and beautiful landscapes, all specially ... quite a while. What is the TA pen? It's a new gimmick that makes immaculately clean bill changes, switches, and animations. Everything about the pen is self-contained and can even be ...
USD 300.00

Alchemist's Warehouse
Best of JJ Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #4 Best of JJ Sanvert - World Champion Magic- #4
... opener!) Bill and Pen - The metal "core" of a borrowed bill is removed and then replaced after which a fountain pen ... them a trick into a perfect magical moment. Flying Dollar - This is the last word in Fingertip Coins Across ...
USD 280.00

Loupe 8x Loupe 8x
... fake canadian dollars Good for stamp or coin collectors. Some picture taken through the loup to show the good $20 and $10bills On the fake bills those lines.. ... it is kind of hard to see. The american money needs only a pen to detect the ...

USD 12.00

Science Line : buy products online for sci ...
Title: So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Author: Jon Ronson Title: So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Author: Jon Ronson
... Individual ones cost a hundred fifty, two hundred dollars.” Jonah Lehrer presumably thought Michael hadn’ ... Vanity Fair and Martin Amis and Bill Gates and King Abdullah II of ... fucking Hello Kitty notebook and a pen, and in twenty-five seconds, he said ...

USD 10.97

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