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Divining Rods Divining Rods
Divining Rods- Divining Rods are used to find missing items and buried artifacts, locate energy lines, find underground water or metal and more. Find out almost anything your conscious mind does not know but your Higher Self does.

USD 49.99

Ancient Wisdoms

Divining Rods Copper Divining Rods Copper

USD 23.99

Ancient Wisdoms

Divining Rods Nickel Plated Divining Rods Nickel Plated

USD 19.99

Ancient Wisdoms

... Of This World - Test the spectator's ESP ability with a classic card routine! Divine A Card - Divining rod to find a spectator's card. Ball'n'Tube As A Mental Effect - Demonstrating ...

USD 10.00

New Planet Magic Shop

Radio Vietnam Radio Vietnam
Radio is an audio compass; the radio antennae, a divining rod. Positioned anywhere, it opens an exclusive window directly into the location in which it sits. ...

USD 5.00

Sublime Frequencies
Tower of Abundance Tower of Abundance
... bag of Pete's world famous original vanilla marshmallows and 2 chocolate-dipped peppermint stirring rods). Presented as a tower and tied with a beautiful ribbon.

USD 34.50

Pete's Gourmet Confections
Cocoa TIN kit Cocoa TIN kit
... our world famous original mini vanilla marshmallows in the mix. Two chocolate-dipped peppermint stirring rods come with the kit too. ~6-8 servings.

USD 10.95

Pete's Gourmet Confections
African Religions - Historic Books On CD African Religions - Historic Books On CD
... Of Wood Called |Xu, Used For Divining Purposes. To Beat The Ground (With A ... ISRAEL 98. Concerning the Rod of MOSES and the Rod of AARON 99. Concerning ...
USD 14.97

History Film Compilations on DVD
Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (PDF) Player's Guide to the Sovereign Lands (PDF)
... church, weapons of the deities, the divine right of kings, a wide variety of divine channeling powers, and more! Chapter ... with 12 new special abilities), plus over a dozen rings, rods, and staves, with 36 wondrous items and 6 cursed items ...

USD 19.99

Kenzer & Company
9 products found. Sort by
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