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Bushido Katana Bushido Katana
Bushido, or “Way of the Warrior”, defines the code of conduct an honorable Samurai must follow and our Bushido katana is designed to perpetuate this tradition. The blade of the Bushido is hand-forged ...

USD 1,349.99

Steel Source, The
Musashi Bushido Katana Musashi Bushido Katana

USD 199.00

Swords Of The East
Bushido Japanese Swords - Blood Dragon Katana Bushido Japanese Swords - Blood Dragon Katana
... This new Bushido Katana is sure to win over your warrior spirit. Featuring a hand forged carbon steel blade, ... inlaid dragon on the saya, this is easily one of the most beautiful yet functional katana ever offered. Hand forged CS1045 carbon steel blade with bo hi Forged using Japanese Maru ...

USD 379.00

Swords Of The East
Bushido Tanto Bushido Tanto
... is a one-piece brass construction. See Models SH1211 and SH1210 for the Wakizashi and Katana. Overall: 14" Blade Length: 9" Handle Length: 4" Weight: 11oz Point of ...

USD 629.99

Steel Source, The
Bushido Wakizashi Bushido Wakizashi
... Bushido Wakizashi has a blade of hand-forged and folded K120C powder steel, with a ... The habaki is a one-piece brass construction.See Models SH1210 and SH1212 for the Katana and Tanto. Overall: 25“ Blade Length: 18 1/2“ Handle Length: 5 1/2” ...

USD 899.99

Steel Source, The
Bushido Samurai Katana Sword Pendant Necklace Bushido Samurai Katana Sword Pendant Necklace
The Katana - iconic sword of the samurai warrior, engraved down the length of its blade with the seven virtues of Bushido, The Way of the Warrior - Mediaeval Japan's code of chivalry ... Gothic. authentic Alchemy Gothic design made of fine English pewter, nickel and lead free Japanese katana sword pendant 18" (46cm) black curb chain

USD 29.95

DragonWeave Jewelry
Bushido - Dragon Katana (SKU: JL-808) Bushido - Dragon Katana (SKU: JL-808)

USD 149.00

Excalibur Brothers
no.yk003 no.yk003
... Mutsumori Yoshiyuki is replica of Katana used by famous samurai "Ryoma Sakamoto" at late Edo period. He was The & ...

USD 590.00

Jidai, The
no.yk004 no.yk004
Izumimori Kanesada is one of famous swordsmiths at age of wars in Japan (A.C.1467-1573) Toshizo Hizikata had Katana made of Izumimori Kanesada.

USD 540.00

Jidai, The
no.yk0077 no.yk0077
Dotanuki is replica of Katana used by famous samurai "Kojiro Sasaki" at early Edo period. He is famous that he could cut flying swallow by this long Katana.

USD 1,300.00

Jidai, The
no.yk601 no.yk601
Osafune is one of most famous area that many skillfull swords-smith lived at olden time. So many highest quality Japanese katana were made at Osafune at olden time.

USD 460.00

Jidai, The
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