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Dynamics of Production in the Ancient Near East
Dynamics of Production in the Ancient Near East
... was an era of deep economic changes in the ancient Near East. An increasing monetization of transactions, a broader ... Egyptian Western Desert to densely populated urban areas in Mesopotamia. Egypt was not an exception. Traditionally considered as a ...

USD 73.98
GBP 45.00

Oxbow Books
Plum Jam - 10oz. (283g)$5.90
Plum Jam - 10oz. (283g)$5.90
Plums, originally cultivated in ancient Mesopotamia, our plum jam is made from Santa Rosa plums. This is one of our most ...

Current Research at Kultepe/Kanesh
Current Research at Kultepe/Kanesh
... of Kultepe (ancient Kanesh) shed light on social, political, and economic aspects of the Middle Bronze age (ca. 2000-1700 years BC) in central Anatolia, but also in Upper Mesopotamia. The rich textual record provides ample information on a very sophisticated supraregional market economy, representing one of the best-documented historical cases of long-distance trade in the ancient world ...

USD 89.95