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Wobble Board: great for balance and coordination Wobble Board: great for balance and coordination
Great for balance, coordination and motor skills! The Wobble Board Light-weight high density polymer material Interchangeable color coded pivot domes 12 16 and 20 degree pivot domes available List Price: $55.00 Price: $45.00

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Circuit Board Holder - Panavise Model 315 Circuit Board Holder - Panavise Model 315
... width can be extended from 14" (355.6mm) to 30" (762mm) to hold boards up to 28" (711.2mm) wide. - Arms move independently and may be positioned adjacent ... each other. Additional sets of arms are available for dual or multiple board use. - Ratcheted pivot for added adjustability, holds board horizontally, vertically or any angle in between. - The stem is 5/8 ...

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Fitter Pro 20 Fitter Pro 20
... and Improved Sports Performance. Regardless of your age or ability, daily use of a balance board or wobble board is an asset to your fitness, health and well-being. You will experience: - Improved ... , agility and mobility training. Our Professional series wobble boards are made of a durable 3/4" Baltic Birch and feature our patented Tri-Level adjustment system, which allows for a quick and ...

USD 109.95

Lifestyle Sports
The Wobbler: Fun way to improve balance and coordination The Wobbler: Fun way to improve balance and coordination
... is so challenging and entertaining, everyone will want to play! It's modeled after the wobble board used by physical therapists to help develop balance, increase lower limb strength and overcome leg ...

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Yakima Products SUPPUP, Black Yakima Products SUPPUP, Black
Includes everything you need to get your SUP to the water Slider adjusts to boards up to 34" wide Integrated strap management stows strap ends for travel Built in ...
USD 160.82


Household Essentials 18300-1 Iron'n Fold Household Essentials 18300-1 Iron'n Fold
... to cover the board's support brace for extra stability and security while you iron. From the open position, the board's height adjusts. A palm adjust allows standing users to adjust the board's height from above. A u-shaped lever on the underside of the board allows the height to be adjusted from a ...
USD 299.99

Bongo Board Bongo Board
... allows for heel-to-toe rocking and rotation for increased difficulty. The FUNctional Bongo Balance Board will: ? Enhance core strength and stability ? Improve Balance and proprioception ? Increase coordination and responsiveness -Heighten ...

USD 129.95

Fitter International Inc.
Fitterfirst Soft Boards Fitterfirst Soft Boards
... safely achieve better balance, coordination and agility, while increasing ankle and lower leg strength. Soft Boards can be used for advanced balance training to enhance sport performance or to shorten recovery ... foot, hand or seated positions. Soft Board ? Beginner: Built with four corner legs, this board creates a solid, floating sensation. This is the most stable board we offer, suitable for lower level balance ...

USD 139.95

Fitter International Inc.
Professional Balance Boards Professional Balance Boards

USD 79.95

Fitter International Inc.
Classic Balance Board Classic Balance Board

USD 44.95

Fitter International Inc.
Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro

USD 199.95

Fitter International Inc.
Active Office Board Active Office Board
Backjoy SitSmart Posture Plus

USD 89.96

Fitter International Inc.
Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer
... ? Independently flexing and rotating footpads ? Six different, easily interchangeable levels of difficulty ? Attachable soft ankle board for sitting, standing and upper body work ? Support information on general conditioning and rehabilitation

USD 699.95

Fitter International Inc.
Classic Exercise Ball Chair Classic Exercise Ball Chair

USD 39.95

Fitter International Inc.
Airex Atlas Mat Airex Atlas Mat
AIREX® mats are not only stylish, they are functional too. The highly compressed smooth moulded skin guarantees durability. The closed-cell structure makes the mats impervious to water and extremely easy to wash and keep clean. Although light- ...

USD 319.95

Fitter International Inc.
Airex Balance Pad Airex Balance Pad
The Airex Balance Pad combines both exercise and coordination skills. Widely used for rehabilitation and sports conditioning, the Balance Pad challenges balance and is suitable for strengthening lower back muscles and while doing lunges and squats. ...

USD 99.95

Fitter International Inc.
Airex Corona Mat Airex Corona Mat
Always warm and comfortable to touch, Airex Mats provide a quality foundation for any exercise or rehabilitation routine. Hard wearing and long lasting with no memory effect, Airex mats offer maximum comfort for exercise, yoga, Pilates or ...

USD 199.95

Fitter International Inc.
Duraball Pro Exercise Ball Duraball Pro Exercise Ball

USD 79.95

Fitter International Inc.
3Dee Active Office Chair 3Dee Active Office Chair
Focal Locus Anti-Fatigue Mat

USD 1,495.95

Fitter International Inc.
Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

USD 80.00

Fitter International Inc.
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