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Your Magick Wand Poster Your Magick Wand Poster
Your Magick Wand Poster- This informative poster or insert is a great reference tool for those who are exploring the art of creating their own wand or personalizing their own magick wand that they already possess. With a quick summary of the Theban script and images of traditional and modern wands, it goes on to ...

USD 1.99

Ancient Wisdoms

The Shining The Shining
... Toulouse & Mephysto Magick Studio Every once in a while an effect comes along which is ... 56 assorted cards of the Minor Arcana. cards consist of 4 suits (wands, cups, swords, pentacles) and 14 values (ace-ten, page, knight, queen, king) ...

USD 280.00

Wiccan Spell A Day by Knight, Sirona Wiccan Spell A Day by Knight, Sirona
... you'll learn over forty enchantments, such as the Magic Wand Spell, the Lucky Coins and Leprechauns Spell, the Internet ... well as instructions on how to create your own magickal circle. And that's not all Hardcover 348 pgs. ...

USD 16.95

Wildflowers Unique Books & Gifts
Sorcery Sorcery
... is up to you to master the Magick of the Faerun and drive back the darkness. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller, Sorcery puts a wand in your hand, letting you perform ... Midnight. No two sorcerers are alike; every twist of the wrist and flourish of the wand adds to your personal style. Live the adventure as you hurl fireballs and conjure whirlwinds ...

Crimson Multimedia for Schools and Librari ...
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