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末日烈焰 The World Aflame 末日烈焰 The World Aflame
回顧教會歷史,我們極少看見一個復興,猶如20世紀出英國威爾斯的大復興,快速而全面使一個地區轉向公義,且大大地衝擊整個世界。將近一個世紀後的今天,很多人不免要問:神會再賜下復興嗎?本書的目的就是針對威爾斯大復興的作為,回顧其中的事件與提醒,以預備迎接那末日最大的復興! 作者: Rick Joyner 雷克‧喬納 150頁/以琳

USD 11.95


Creation of the Gods 4 book set (Library of Chinese Classics) Creation of the Gods 4 book set (Library of Chinese Classics)
... the emperor, a notorious tyrant in Chinese legend, and sets him aflame with lust. China was a country in which most people were polytheists believing in numerous gods of the Three Realms-Heaven, the World, and Hell. The gods ruled over everything ...
USD 98.62
GBP 59.99

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BattleTech: Shattered Sphere (PDF) BattleTech: Shattered Sphere (PDF)
... . Even with the overwhelming threat of the Clan invasion defeated, the Inner Sphere is still poised precariously between peace and war. Who will light the spark that will set BattleMechs marching and worlds aflame once more? Drawing on information from five scenario packs, seven sourcebooks and more than a dozen novels, Shattered Sphere represents the ultimate guide to the ...

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