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Classic Brown Coloured Flat Tadlekt Pot

Classic Brown Coloured Flat Tadlekt Pot
Price USD 19.73
GBP 12.00
Seller Marrakesh Trading

Tadlekt - Tadlekt is an ancient plastering technique where the artisan uses lime dust that produces a hard and waterproof surface, the plaster is painstakingly polished to make it as hard as marble, and painted with egg whites, then finished with a soap. This means that the object with a tadlekt finish reflects the light, has a beautiful depth,yet also seem to glow from within, it can sometimes look like a leather or wood finish, like a deep luxurious teak. Tadlekt can be seen in the finer estabishments in Morocco used as a finish in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Here we have a 13 centimetres in diameter, and 6 centimetres in height, a lovely brown, almost leather looking flat tadlekt pot with lid finished in the traditional Tadlekt technique produced by hand by the artisans of Marrakesh. Each item is unique, will last a lifetime, and has had literally many, many hours of effort applied to it to arrive at its present condition.

A Great Price for a Great Product .It makes an ideal gift!

We offer a no quibble refund if you are at all unsatisfied with this product. Any questions? Then email us for a quick response!

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