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Anodized Aluminum Green Flower Clip Earrings Rhinestone Center

Anodized Aluminum Green Flower Clip Earrings Rhinestone Center
Price USD 39.00
Seller Lillian Jaffe Art, Antiques, Collectibles and Jewelry

The light and dark green petals of these 1950s earrings are anodized aluminum. Each center button has six peridot-colored Rhinestones set in a black dome-shaped mount. These contemporary design clip earrings are great for summer. If you live in a warm or tropical climate, you can wear them year round.

Mark: unmarked
Condition: Excellent.
Size: 1 3/8".

Additional photos are available upon request (Item #JE1255).

Anodized Aluminum: the information below is from skyhawkusa.com May 25, 2004. Anodizing: is a type of electrolysis used to place a protective oxide coating on metal. The metal acts as the anode (positive pole) of an electrolytic cell. Negatively charged oxide ions pass through a solution called an electrolyte, and oxidize the surface of the metal. Special treatments give the metal a porous outside layer that can absorb dyes. This makes it possible to produce colored surfaces that cannot be rubbed off or scratched."

How to distinguish the coating surfaces? Use a white tissue to wipe the aluminum surface in a spot 6 to 10 times then check the tissue and the surface. If the tissue turn to black and that wiped aluminum surface changed color then you will know this is not an anodized aluminum."

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