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Akku für Makita BHR242Z BHR243RFE BHR243RFEV(Ersatz)

Akku für Makita BHR242Z BHR243RFE BHR243RFEV(Ersatz)
Price USD 187.86
EUR 132.38
Seller battery-plus.de

Battery Type: Li-ion


Dimension:115 x 75 x 65 (mm)

Capacity: 1500mah/3000mah/4500mah


Replace battery part number:









This battery is also compatible with the following models :

Hitachi BHP456RFE

Hitachi BHP456RFE3

Hitachi BHP456RFWX

Hitachi BHP456Z

Hitachi BHR202F

Hitachi BHR202RFE3

Hitachi BHR202RFWX

Hitachi BHR241F

Hitachi BHR241RFE

Hitachi BHR242RFE

Hitachi BHR242RFEV

Hitachi BHR242Z

Hitachi BHR243RFE

Hitachi BHR243RFEV

Hitachi BHR243Z

Hitachi BHS630RFE

Makita BCF201

Makita BCF201Z

Makita BCL180

Makita BCL180F

Makita BCL180W

Makita BCL180Z

Makita BCL180ZW

Makita BCL182

Makita BCL182Z

Makita BCS550

Makita BCS550F

Makita BCS550RFE

Makita BCS550Z

Makita BDA350

Makita BDA350F

Makita BDA350RFE

Makita BDA350Z

Makita BDA351

Makita BDA351RFE

Makita BDA351Z

Makita BDF450

Makita BDF451

Makita BDF451RFE

Makita BDF451SFE

Makita BDF451Z

Makita BDF452

Makita BDF452HW

Makita BDF452RFE

Makita BDF452RHE

Makita BDF452SHE

Makita BDF452Z

Makita BDF453RHE

Makita BDF453SHE

Makita BDF453Z

Makita BDF454F

Makita BDF454RFE

Makita BDF454Z

Makita BDF456RFE

Makita BDF456Z

Makita BDF458

Makita BFR550F

Makita BFR550L

Makita BFR550RFE

Makita BFR550Z

Makita BFR750

Makita BFR750F

Makita BFR750L

Makita BFR750RFE

Makita BFR750Z

Makita BFS450

Makita BFS450F

Makita BFS450RFE

Makita BFS450Z

Makita BFS451RFE

Makita BFS451Z

Makita BGA402RFE

Makita BGA402Z

Makita BGA452

Makita BGA452F

Makita BGA452RFE

Makita BGA452Z

Makita BGD800

Makita BGD800RFE

Makita BGD800Z

Makita BGD801

Makita BGD801RFE

Makita BGD801Z

Makita BHP450

Makita BHP451

Makita BHP451RFE

Makita BHP451SFE

Makita BHP451Z

Makita BHP452

Makita BHP452HW

Makita BHP452RFE

Makita BHP452SHE

Makita BHP452Z

Makita BHP453

Makita BHP453RFE

Makita BHP453RHE

Makita BHP453RHEX

Makita BHP453SHE

Makita BHP453Z

Makita BHP454

Makita BHP454F

Makita BHP454RFE

Makita BHP454Z

Makita BHP456RFE

Makita BHP456RFE3

Makita BHP456RFWX

Makita BHP456Z

Makita BHP458

Makita BHR202

Makita BHR202F

Makita BHR202RFE

Makita BHR202RFE3

Makita BHR202RFWX

Makita BHR202Z

Makita BHR240

Makita BHR240Z

Makita BHR241

Makita BHR241F

Makita BHR241RFE

Makita BHR241Z

Makita BHR242RFE

Makita BHR242RFEV

Makita BHR242Z

Makita BHR243RFE

Makita BHR243RFEV

Makita BHR243Z

Makita BHS630RFE

Makita BHS630Z

Makita BJN161

Makita BJR181

Makita BJR181F

Makita BJR181RF

Makita BJR181RFE

Makita BJR181X

Makita BJR181X1

Makita BJR181Z

Makita BJR182

Makita BJR182F

Makita BJR182X

Makita BJR182Z

Makita BJS101RFE

Makita BJS130

Makita BJS130F

Makita BJS130RFE

Makita BJS130Z

Makita BJS161

Makita BJS161F

Makita BJS161RFE

Makita BJS161Z

Makita BJV180

Makita BJV180F

Makita BJV180RF

Makita BJV180RFE

Makita BJV180Z

Makita BL1815

Makita BLS713RFE

Makita BML184

Makita BML185

Makita BML185W

Makita BML186

Makita BML800

Makita BML801

Makita BMR050

Makita BO180D

Makita BO180DRF

Makita BO180DZ

Makita BPB180

Makita BPB180F

Makita BPB180Z

Makita BPJ140

Makita BPJ180

Makita BPT351

Makita BPT351RFE

Makita BPT351Z

Makita BSS501

Makita BSS501F

Makita BSS501RFE

Makita BSS501Z

Makita BSS610

Makita BSS610F

Makita BSS610RF

Makita BSS610RFE

Makita BSS610SFE

Makita BSS610X2

Makita BSS610Z

Makita BSS611F

Makita BSS611X

Makita BSS611Z

Makita BST221F

Makita BST221RFE

Makita BST221X

Makita BST221Z

Makita BTD140

Makita BTD140RFE

Makita BTD140SFE

Makita BTD140Z

Makita BTD141

Makita BTD141Z

Makita BTD142HW

Makita BTD142RHE

Makita BTD142SHE

Makita BTD142Z

Makita BTD144

Makita BTD144RFE

Makita BTD144Z

Makita BTD145RFE

Makita BTD145Z

Makita BTD146D

Makita BTD146RFE

Makita BTD146SHE

Makita BTD146Z

Makita BTD147

Makita BTDW251Z

Makita BTL061

Makita BTL061F

Makita BTL061RFE

Makita BTL061Z

Makita BTL063

Makita BTL063F

Makita BTL063Z

Makita BTM50

Makita BTM50RFE

Makita BTM50Z

Makita BTM50ZX5

Makita BTP140

Makita BTP140F

Makita BTP140RFE

Makita BTP140Z

Makita BTP141

Makita BTP141RFX2

Makita BTP141Z

Makita BTW251

Makita BTW251F

Makita BTW251FX1

Makita BTW251RFE

Makita BTW251X

Makita BTW251Z

Makita BTW251ZX1

Makita BTW253

Makita BTW253F

Makita BTW253RFE

Makita BTW253Z

Makita BTW450

Makita BTW450F

Makita BTW450FX1

Makita BTW450RFE

Makita BTW450X

Makita BTW450Z

Makita BTW450ZX

Makita BTW450ZX1

Makita BTW451

Makita BUB182

Makita BUB182F

Makita BUB182Z

Makita BUC122RFE

Makita BVC350Z

Makita BVF154RF

Makita BVR350

Makita BVR350F

Makita BVR350Z

Makita BVR450

Makita BVR450F

Makita BVR450RFE

Makita BVR450Z

Makita BVR850

Makita BVR850F

Makita BVR850Z

Makita CF201DZ

Makita CF201DZW

Makita CL180FD

Makita CL180FDRFW

Makita CL180FDZW

Makita CL182FDRFW

Makita D145DRFX

Makita DA350DRF

Makita DC18RA

Makita DF454D

Makita DF454DRFX

Makita DF454DZ

Makita DF458DRFX

Makita DF458DZ

Makita FXBDF452RFE

Makita GA402DRF

Makita GA402DZ

Makita GD800DRF

Makita GD800DZ

Makita HP451RFE

Makita HP454D

Makita HP454DRFX

Makita HP454DZ

Makita HP458DRFX

Makita HP458DZ

Makita HR202D

Makita HR202DRFX

Makita HR202DZK

Makita HR242DRFX

Makita HR242DRFXV

Makita HS630DRFX

Makita HS630DRFXW

Makita HS630DZ

Makita HS630DZW

Makita JR120D

Makita JR120DRF

Makita JR120DZK

Makita JR182DRF

Makita JR182DZK

Makita JV180DRF

Makita KP180DRF

Makita KP180DZ

Makita L182FD

Makita LXCV02Z

Makita LXCV02Z1

Makita LXDG01

Makita LXDG01Z

Makita LXDG01Z1

Makita LXDT01

Makita LXDT01Z

Makita LXDT01Z1

Makita LXDT04Z

Makita LXDT04Z1

Makita LXDT06Z

Makita LXFD01

Makita LXFD01CW

Makita LXFD01Z

Makita LXLC01

Makita LXLC01Z

Makita LXLC01Z1

Makita LXLM01W

Makita LXPH01

Makita LXPH01C1

Makita LXPH01Z

Makita LXPH03Z

Makita LXPH05

Makita LXPH05Z

Makita LXPK01

Makita LXPK01Z

Makita LXPK01Z1

Makita LXSF01

Makita LXSF01Z1

Makita LXSL01

Makita LXSL01Z

Makita LXSL01Z1

Makita LXT202

Makita LXT400

Makita LXT401

Makita LXT402

Makita LXT600

Makita LXTP01

Makita LXTP01Z

Makita LXTP01Z1

Makita LXWT01

Makita LXWT01Z

Makita ML184

Makita ML184 FlashLight

Makita ML185

Makita ML800

Makita ML801

Makita MR050

Makita MR100

Makita MR100W

Makita MUH263DRF

Makita MUH263DZ

Makita MUH401DRF

Makita MUH401DZ

Makita MUH461DRF

Makita MUH461DZ

Makita MUM168DRF

Makita MUM168DZ

Makita MUR181DRF

Makita MUR181DZ

Makita MUS104DSH

Makita MUS104DZ

Makita MUS154DSH

Makita MUS154DZ

Makita PB108D

Makita PB108DRFX

Makita PB108DZ

Makita PB180DRFX

Makita PJ180DRF

Makita PT351D

Makita PT351DRF

Makita PT351DZK

Makita SC162DRF

Makita TD140D

Makita TD144D

Makita TD144DRFX

Makita TD144DZ

Makita TD145DRFXB

Makita TD145DRFXL

Makita TD145DRFXP

Makita TD145DRFXW

Makita TD146DRFP

Makita TD146DRFX

Makita TD146DRFXB

Makita TD146DRFXL

Makita TD146DRFXW

Makita TD146DZ

Makita TD147DRFX

Makita TD147DZ

Makita TD251DRFX

Makita TD251DZ

Makita TL061DRF

Makita TM50DRF

Makita TP140DRFX

Makita TP141DRFX

Makita TP141DZ

Makita TW251D

Makita TW450DR

Makita TW450DRBJS130RFE

Makita TW450DRFX

Makita UB182D

Makita UB182DRF

Makita UB182DZ

Makita UB183D

Makita UC122D

Makita VR350D

Makita VR350DRFX

Makita VR350DZ

Makita VR450D

Makita VR450DRFX

Makita VR450DZ

Makita W251DRFX

Makita W450DR

Makita XDT06Z

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