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Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 00188 Explore Space Learning Power Pack

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 00188 Explore Space Learning Power Pack
Price USD 1.50
Seller buyyogamat.com

Eyewitness New Atlas of the Solar System
A breathtaking solar system adventure which allows viewers to take a journey to planets in vivid color and detail, spanning millions of miles to mysterious, heretofore, little-known worlds. This comprehensive resource utilizes the latest in research and data available to scientists and presents virtual 3D globes that can be rotated and zoomed in real time.

Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe
This comprehensive edition includes the history of space travel, astrophysics, the solar system and all the related science disciplines that make space travel a reality. Explore the expertly rendered 3D model of Mir, even travel to the Moon's mysterious dark side and scan hundreds of unexplored craters. Interactive animations, 3D models, and unique video clips from NASA give you the ultimate journey into outer space.

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