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Outlaws of the Marsh simplified ...

Outlaws of the Marsh simplified ...
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Outlaws of the Marsh simplified Chinese book


Outlaws of the Marsh (水浒传) in simplified Chinese without pinyin and without English. It was produced by San Qin Publishing House. There are 4 books included. The books take small sections of the original text, which is quite hard to understand in their original form, gives a modern translation of that text and then an explanation.

This book is in the format of some of the original text (原文) followed by modern translation (译文) then explanation (注释). This book is designed for native Chinese speakers but could be used by upper intermediate-advanced learners of Chinese.

Chinese description:
《水浒传》又名《忠义水浒传》,是中国文学史上第一部反映农民起义的长篇巨制。作者施耐庵和罗贯中。施耐庵,元末明初兴化(今江苏兴华县)人;罗贯中,施耐庵的学生,元末明初太原人。 《水浒传》全书围绕“官逼民反”这一主题展开情节,描写了一群不堪暴政压榨的“英雄好汉”从揭竿而起、齐聚梁山打击官军到接受朝廷招安走向失败的全过程,揭示了导致农民起义的根本原因,反映了历史的真实本质,有力地冲击了封建正统观念,深刻地总结了农民起义的历史教训。


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