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Oppo 4080 Arm Immobilizer

Oppo 4080 Arm Immobilizer
Price USD 36.50
Seller buyyogamat.com

Manufacturer: Oppomedical
Manufacturer Part Number: 4080


Elbow joints include ulnohumeral, radiohumeral and superior radioulnar joints. Numerous ligaments surround the joint capsule. The elbow joint itself is a simple hinge joint, consisting of the humerus, ulna and radius. The humerus and ulna bone shaft form an angle, called the "carrying angle". Normal carrying range angle is about 10?X to 15?X, with a higher degree among females than males on average.

Product Feature

Hook and loop straps wrap around arm immobilizer with 4 rigid steel inserts.
Made from breathable foam nylon laminate.
Designed to hold the arm in extension and prevent flexion.
How To Wear

Wrap support around the elbow and secure for compression and a comfortable fit.
Wrap three hook and loop straps around the elbow and thread through the buckles, then secure to desired compression.

Post surgical use
Stretch tight muscle


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