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Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 00195 Explore 3D World Atlas Learning Power Pack

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 00195 Explore 3D World Atlas Learning Power Pack
Price USD 0.86
Seller buyyogamat.com

Eyewitness 3D World Atlas

Revised and updated to reflect current world events, this program contains extensive demographic information, an almanac and the cultural and political coverage of an encyclopedia. As a 3D reference it also covers topographical issues from the global "big picture" to the smallest territory. You can view the world through compelling cartographic maps, dazzling images, and exciting 3D graphics.

Visually stunning information:

Use maps at different scales
Study countries in different stages of development
Analyze distribution of population, resources and economic activities
Use different data types: statistics, graphs and charts
Study environmental issues

Discover in-depth, dynamic, geographical information:

Bio-climatic Zones
Natural Disasters
Landscape Formation
Global Climate
Continental Drift


General: World map illustrating international borders and countries with over 400,000 town and city names.
Satellite: Map shows international borders and countries with their physical features.
Physical: Physical map showing the forces that shape the Earth's surface; tectonic plates, volcanoes and impact craters.
Bio-Geographic: A map of the Earth's bio-geographic zones.
Earth By Night: Shows a satellite view of lights from cities across the world.


Hotlinks lead you to helpful geographic information
Virtual technology renders flat maps as 3D globes
Unique "horizon" view of planet Earth
Measure the distance between two or more locations
Mark and label your favorite locations
Shows latitude/longitude co-ordinates
Print or copy maps, text and graphics

Eyewitness History of the World 2.0

From ancient times to the modern world, meet the people, places and events that shaped history! Travel easily to any part of the world and experience different aspects of everyday life, culture and technology. Use the easy-to-use search engine to research specific times or explore history through the many links that are cross-referenced throughout the program.


500, 00+ words of text
2,000+ separate screens
80 animations
30 videos
800 photographs
Discover fascinating connections between events that occurred in different parts of the world
More than 200 biographies of the men and women who shaped the world
Research topics using rapid word and data searches; the ideal aid to complete school projects
Learn about all the main periods in history - from prehistoric times to the present day!
Find answers to all your questions ranging from how people lived in the past, to the impact of technological discoveries, to the rise and fall of civilizations.

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