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Scholastic 356533 Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure (Grades 3-5)

Scholastic 356533 Math Missions: The Amazing Arcade Adventure (Grades 3-5)
Price USD 3.65
Seller buyyogamat.com

Problem Solving
Go on exciting Math Missions! Travel the city collecting objects and solving math challenges in order to disrupt Randall Underling's plan.

Graphing and Data Analysis
Use your graphing skills to keep the electronic store's shelves stocked. Can you find the software product with the fewest units in stock?

Lend a hand at the outdoor market by using the scale to fill orders for fresh seafood.

Counting Money
Deposit the exact change to take the bus to another area of Spectacle City!

Decimals, Estimation and Unit Conversions
Find a way to purchase the super-sized products the customer is requesting while sticking to the budget!

Combinations and Logic
Create team uniforms at the sports store by selecting the correct combinations of shirts, shorts, shoes, and hats.

Help finish Spectacle City's tallest building by placing the pieces of glass to complete the pattern.

Money Management
Run your own arcade! Choose a name and theme, pick from seven action-packed games, set-up a karaoke machine, sell refreshments, advertise, and more.

Multiplication and Division
Help make smoothies by dividing the recipe! Mix the exact amount of juice, puree, and powder for a tasty treat.

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