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El Cazador Silver Two Reale Coin dated 1757

El Cazador Silver Two Reale Coin dated 1757
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This two reale was minted at the Mexico City Mint in 1783. It is a "Pillar Dollar" type coin (considered the first coin of America) with the date 1757 at the bottom between the pillars. The shield of Ferdinand VI is on the reverse. It was recovered from the shipwreck of the El Cazador, which sank off the coast of Louisiana in 1784. The El Cazador is probably the most historical wreck in terms of American history. ON JANUARY 11TH, 1784 THE SPANISH SHIP "EL CAZADOR" SAILED FROM VERA CRUZ, MEXICO FOR NEW ORLEANS CARRYING 450,000 PESOS OF SILVER REALES. THE VESSEL AND ITS CREW DISAPPEARED INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO, SINKING WITHOUT A TRACE. THE SPANISH NEEDED THIS SHIPMENT TO STABILIZE THE WEAK MONETARY SYSTEM IN COLONIAL NORTH AMERICA. WHEN THE SHIP SANK SPAIN, LOSING THE LAST MEANS OF SUPPORTING ITS STRONGHOLD IN NORTH AMERICA, WAS FORCED TO SELL THE LOUISIANA TERRITORY TO FRANCE'S NAPOLEAN. IN 1803 NAPOLEAN WAS FORCED TO SELL LOUISIANA TO THE UNITED STATES FOR SIMILAR REASONS. THE WRECK OF THE "EL CAZADOR" WAS ACCIDENTALLY DISCOVERED BY THE FISHING VESSEL "MISTAKE" IN 1993. THIS SHIPWRECK TRULY CHANGED AMERICAN HISTORY. It is accompained by a certificate of authenticity from the original salvor Craig Boyd. These coins are getting rare and expensive because almost the entire collection has been bought up and is being sold for high prices.Two reales are even rarer and command a large premium. This is one of the least expensive from this wreck that you will ever find from this famous wreck.