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Brand new wireless charging receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4

Brand new wireless charging receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4
Price USD 16.03
Seller Gadget buy

Brand new wireless charging receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4


1.please refer to the operation Manual and put the charging machine in charging area.All you have to do is put it in the charging area,it will start charging regardless of the place and direction.Try to put it near the charging center as close as possible.

2.When the charge is almost finished but not yet,it will stop charging,this is normal.

3.When the product which is under charging condition is mixed with television and radio noise,please keep the product away from television and radio for more than 1m.

Product advantages

1.This product is wireless charger receiver,can realize short distance wireless energy transfer through magnetic induction.

2.As long as you put devices equipped with this product in the charging area of qi wireless charging pad,it will charge persistently.

3.Products with qi mark,all comply with wireless charging standard specification of wpc.

It works with induction receiver electronic products that match with the communication protocol,starts wireless charging.(depending on the machines and certain circumstances,in some cases,it won't work well.When using this product,please read the instruction manual carefully.)


QI technology standard

Input voltage: 5V/0.5-1A

Charging current : 600mA

Charging power: 5W

Transmission distance: 5mm

Charging efficiency:≥70%

color: White

Size: 6cm x 5cm x 0.1cm/ 2.36inch x 1.97inch x 0.039 inch

Net weight:0.13oz/4g

Package Contents:

1 x Qi Wireless Charger Receiver for Samsung S4

1 x English user manual

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