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Kiwi Kom-Kom Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knives, Set A

Kiwi Kom-Kom Vegetable & Fruit Carving Knives, Set A
Price USD 27.99
Seller Temple of Thai

When it comes to producing reliable and durable cutlery for creating detailed fruit and vegetable carvings, Kom-Kom is Thailand's leading brand of knives. Containing a versatile range of carving knives, Set A is a one-click solution for those who are looking for an inexpensive set of the most essential carving tools.

This imported Thai carving set is perfect for creating intricate fruit and vegetable carvings. It includes a paring knife, a seeding knife, and a bird's beak carving knife for more detailed work. There is only a small difference between Kom-Kom's 'Set A' and 'Set B' and that is that the size of the paring knife is different in each. Both sets are otherwise similar, containing three double-riveted knives with fine wood handles. Before choosing between one set or the other, it is a good idea to consider the types of food you intend to work with. The Set A is slightly better for carving larger fruits and vegetables like watermelons, papayas, and pumpkins due to the longer length of the paring knife. The exact length of each knife blade in the set is as follows:

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