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ZIEIS Veterinary Pet Scale BigTop-100 lb Cap-Free Shipping

ZIEIS Veterinary Pet Scale BigTop-100 lb Cap-Free Shipping
Price USD 219.97
Seller Pampered Pet Mart

About The ZIEIS Veterinary Pet Scale w/ BigTop 24" x 16" COZY PAWZ Platform- 100 lb Capacity:

BigTop Cozy Pawz platforms are “Made in the USA" and are designed and constructed for long life and durability. Upholstered with a High-Tech non-woven fabric, the Cozy Pawz Series platforms are stain resistant and water repellent – Plus it’s FAST & EASY to clean and maintain.

To remove dust/dirt, simply use a brush/broom. To remove liquid/fluids, simply use any towel, cloth, or sponge to quickly soak up the fluid - no stains - no smells.

As you may have already discovered, most vet scales are made from cold and slippery Stainless Steel or rough and hard rubber platform. However, the Cozy Pawz platform features a soft and comfortable surface that helps to keep your animal calm and relaxed during the weighing session.

In addition, this non-woven material also incorporates anti-slip and anti-claw snagging properties that also keep your animals SAFE, COMFORTABLE & SECURE on the platform.

How to use the ZERO and manual HOLD features

As you may know, most pets/animals are too nervous and/or excited and will not want to stay on a scale platform. For these types of animals you can use the manual HOLD feature to weigh them in a carrier/box.

If your pet/animal will not stay on the scale - simply place them in a kennel or box on the scale platform to hold your pet/animal. Then push the ZERO button to zero out the weight of the kennel/box.

SPECIAL NOTICE for Large Kennel Users: When using a large kennel or box, it is common for the kennel to cover the entire platform and extend out over the platform edges.

Please ensure the kennel / box are centered & balanced on the platform. In addition, you should also hold the kennel/box until the animal has been placed into the box/kennel and settles down (i.e. stops moving around).

Chris R. from Austin, TX says... "You can place a special treat on the platform or in a box/kennel to keep your pet happy and stable during the weighing session." -- Thanks for the GREAT advice Chris!

***Please note that before placing the animal in the kennel/box, you first need to make sure the ZERO button has been applied with the kennel/box on the scale - the LCD display should read 0.0 lb/oz.

Once the scale is ready, you can place the animal in the kennel/box and return them to the scale platform. Then when the scale has obtained a stable weight, the scale will produce an audible “BEEP".

In addition, when your animal is calm (i.e. not moving), you can also press the HOLD button to lock-in your pet/animal’s stable weight. Your pet/animal’s weight will be locked-in for about 60 seconds.

Programmable Power allows you set your digital scale to automatically turn off after a few minutes of non-use or you can program the scale to always stay on until you turn it off. You select the power setting the works best for your weighing application.

LCD Remote Display with built-in adjustable bracket will provide you with a wide variety of mounting options including floor, wall, or table mounts. In addition, you can add the adjustable mounting pole option for FAST & EASY viewing of the high-contrast backlit LCD from any angle.

Adjustable LCD Stand (optional) adjusts from 27" x 47" to provide you with fully adjustable viewing of the LCD from virtually any angle.

Weighing Units:

Pounds (lb), Kilograms (kg)


Pounds: 100 lb

Kilograms: 45kg


Pounds: 0.1 lb

Kilograms: 0.05k

Product Details:

Platform Dimensions: 24'' x 16"

Platform Material: Cozy Pawz - High-Tech Non-Woven Fabric

Base Design: I-Beam Base

LCD Screen: 3.6" x 1.3" (9cm x 3cm)

LCD Type: High Contrast + Back Light

Remote Display: 8.5" x 4.2" x 4" (22cm x 11cm x 10cm)

Remote Display Cord: 89" (2.3m)

Adjustable LCD Stand: (optional) Adjusts 27" to 47" (74cm x 130cm)

Power Programming: Programmable Always ON or Auto SHUT-OFF

Calibration: Professional Calibration Available

Certification: ISO 9001:2000 scale manufacturer certification

Power Protection: (optional) See pull down menu

Power - 110V Type: Included

Power Cord: 72" (1.8m)

Power - Battery Type: AA x 6 (optional)

Additional Product Information:

Large 24" x 16" COZY PAWZ platform features a soft and comfortable surface material

Programmable AC/DC power and HOLD features provide customizable options to meet your needs

ISO 9001:2000 scale manufacturer certification ensures exceptional quality and extreme reliability

Set the automatic shut-off option to ensure extended battery and product life

Program for continuous AC/DC power and have non-stop power when you need it

TARE/ZERO feature subtracts the box/carrier's weight to obtain the animal's exact weight

Adjustable LCD Stand (optional) will provide adjustable viewing from any angle

Press the HOLD button and the displayed weight will LOCK for 60 seconds - even if item is removed

AC/DC power for both portable and reliable power options (includes 110V adapter)

Low battery indicator ensures proper power for consistent accuracy

High-Contrast backlight and adjustable LCD screen for FAST & EASY reading in any light

Includes easy-to-use operations manual to ensure accurate measurements

All ZIEIS orders are packaged in a plain box to ensure safe delivery of your gift/order

ZIEIS products feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This scale features a TEN (10) YEAR NEW SCALE warranty

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