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RSGB Radio Communication Handbook

RSGB Radio Communication Handbook
Price USD 54.95
Seller Radio City, Inc.

RSGB Radio Communication Handbook

NEW - 8th edition

Edited by Mike Dennison, G3XDV and Chris Lorek, G4HCL

The Radio Communication Handbook is back!

Bigger and better than ever before!

Many books claim to have been extensively revised however the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook, 8th edition has had the largest revision for many an edition. Once again, the RSGB has recruited experts on a wide variety of subjects to produce the most comprehensive guide to the practical side of amateur radio. Covering the entire spectrum from the basics through to advanced projects, and including many classic circuits, the Radio Communication Handbook makes an essential shack accessory.

Just about everyone will find items of great value in this great book. Chapters vary from the essentials right through to detailed ones on specialist topics. For the experienced radio amateur there are hosts of new ideas, including modern techniques such as microprocessors, surface mount components and computer aids to designing circuits and antennas. The book also contains for the first time since the original 20-part RadCom serial the 'PIC-A-STAR' brainchild of Peter Rhodes, G3XJP. This is a complete transceiver project, based around PIC technology and giving state-of-the-art performance. Appendices contain all the useful reference data and artwork for printed circuit boards. With 26 chapters spread over 768 pages this is packed with far more ever than can be detailed here.


If this updated book were not enough you can now search every page of the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook, 8th edition at the touch of a button. A free CD is enclosed in the book that contains a searchable and printable version of the book. This makes the book incredibly easy to navigate and finding that important page has never been easier. The ability to print individual pages is a significant bonus for every experimenter and builder wishing to use those all important circuit diagrams.
- New larger format
- 768 A4 pages
- Half a million words!
- Over 1500 illustrations
- 26 chapters and two appendices
- Extensively revised
- Much new material
- Complete PIC-A-STAR transceiver project
- Projects for 136kHz to 76GHz
- Free CD

If you only ever buy one book on amateur radio, this should be the one!

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