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Price USD 142.11
Seller Indian Fashion Trend

or other such work should not be hanged in the cupboard. Keep them in folded position after.

In the case of Lipstick stains, it is suggested to wash sarees with the cold water and small amount soap targeting the stain affected areas. In case of tough stain dry clean is suggested.

In case of Nail polish stains, it is suggested take some acetone and wash the stain affected area of saree.

If the stains are caused buy the oily products such as butter, crayon, medicines, etc, then apply some talc powder. After applying the talc powder on the stains, continuously rub the talc on the stains and then wash with the having some drops of lemon juice in it. Take care that excess of juice is not used because it might fade the color or your saree.

In the case of protein stains such as meat stains, blood, egg stains and even perspiration, soak the saree in the cold water and wash with some detergent.

For the removal of the ink stains, it is suggested to use peroxide for the complete removal of the stain.

Note: - Incase, if stains still persist, it is recommended to dry clean your saree as fast as possible.

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