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Creation of the Gods 4 book set (Library of Chinese Classics)

Creation of the Gods 4 book set (Library of Chinese Classics)
Price USD 98.62
GBP 59.99
Seller ChineseBookshop.com - Buy Chinese books online

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Creation of the Gods 4 book set (Library of Chinese Classics)


This is for a full set of four hardback volumes which are in English and simplified Chinese. There are approximately 2145 pages in total and this item is part of the Library of Chinese Classics. This set was published in 2001.

Creation of the Gods, is one of the most popular Chinese classics of mythical literature. It begins with a grand pilgrimage of Emperor Zhou of the Shang Dynasty to worship the Goddess Nu Wa, the creator of mankind in Chinese mythology. The beauty of the goddess completely bewitches the emperor, a notorious tyrant in Chinese legend, and sets him aflame with lust.

China was a country in which most people were polytheists believing in numerous gods of the Three Realms-Heaven, the World, and Hell. The gods ruled over everything and were created to satisfy the needs and desires of the people. Most of them were historical national heroes and upright officials who had been canonized so that they became heavenly deities sent to the world to deliver mankind from misery.

The roots of many such popular beliefs and legends are found in Creation of the Gods. Creation of the Gods is not simply a piece of literature; it is a collection of folk and religious beliefs which formed the basis of Chinese culture.


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