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Liu Zi Jue

Liu Zi Jue
Price USD 23.00
GBP 13.99
Seller ChineseBookshop.com - Buy Chinese books online

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Liu Zi Jue English


Qigong is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that
involves coordinating breathing patterns with physical postures
to maintain health and well-being. Liu Zi Jue: Six Sounds
Approach to Qigong Breathing Exercises is an accessible,
fully-illustrated guide to this particular qigong exercise, which
focuses on breath control.

Liu Zi Jue regulates and controls the rise and fall of Qi (vital
energy) through the inhalation and exhalation of six sounds.
The exercises feature slow, gentle movements that are safe and
easy to learn and are suitable for people of all ages and in all
conditions of health. The routine strengthens the liver, heart,
spleen, lungs and kidneys, thus helping to balance the energy
and functions of the internal organs, and has also been shown
to have a calming effect and to alleviate stress. Each routine is
described step-by-step, and is illustrated with photographs and
key points. The authors also point out common mistakes and
offer advice on how to correct these.

Complemented by an appendix of acupuncture points and
accompanied by a DVD, this book will be of interest to
Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners at all levels, students of
martial arts and anyone interested in Chinese culture.


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