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Of Mountains and Seas: A Tragicomedy of the Gods

Of Mountains and Seas: A Tragicomedy of the Gods
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GBP 27.99
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Of Mountains and Seas: A Tragicomedy of the Gods


Gao Xingjian's Of Mountains and Seas: A Tragicomedy of the Gods in Three Acts in English. This book is in hardback with the dimensions of 22 x 15 cm.

Of Mountains and Seas is one of the most spirited and fun-filled plays written by Gao Xingjian, 2000 Nobel Laureate in Literature. Based on the ancient text The Classic of Mountains and Seas, the play re-enacts the classical world of Chinese mythology, traversing the creation of humans to the beginning of Chinese dynastic history. It is a world of magical powers and child-like wonderment, peopled with ghosts, ghouls and monsters, and comprised of the famous Battle of Zhuo Lu between Chi You and the Yellow Emperor, the shooting down of the nine of the ten suns by Yi the Archer, and the theft of no-death drug by Chang E, who then flies away to the moon and becomes the Moon Goddess.

In employing song and dance, acrobatics and other Chinese folk art forms, the play carries on Gao's search for a "total theater" and a new form of modern Eastern drama. Of Mountains and Seas is also an ambitious attempt by Gao Xingjian to construct a grand narrative of Chinese mythology, wrestling it back from the contaminations of ideology, politics and didacticism so as to restore its authenticity. With this innocence and purity of origin, Gao insists, the play offers a glimpse of the collective consciousness of the Chinese race and human nature in general.

This book was translated by Gilbert C. F. Fong.


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