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Honeywell C7262A1016 Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Sensor

Honeywell C7262A1016 Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Sensor
Price USD 299.00
Seller DtiCorp.com

Honeywell C7262A1016 Wall mounted Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Carbon Dioxide/ Temperature Sensor with LCD Display and Honeywell logo. The C7262 sensor is a stand-alone carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature sensor for use in controlling room ventilation and temperature. These new CO2 sensors now offer on board 20K ohm temperature sensing, which reduces the number of devices needed on the wall. The existing C7232 and C7632 families of CO2 sensors will continue to remain an important part of the Honeywell CO2 portfolio.


• Used for CO2 based ventilation control

• Non-Dispersion-Infrared (NDIR) technology used to measure carbon dioxide gas

• Integral 20K ohm output

• Available with LCD that displays the CO2 sensor ppm level

• Provides two selectable CO2 outputs. Each output can be configured for either voltage (0/2-10Vdc) or current (4-20mA)

• Adjustable 0-2000 ppm, 500-1500 ppm, 0-1500 ppm, or 500-2000 ppm range

• Both models offer one spst ouput, settable for 800 ppm, 1000 ppm or 1200 ppm

• Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) algorithm based on long-term evaluation reduces required typical zero-drift check maintenance

• Cost/Time Savings: Save your customers money by reducing installation time when installing a single device rather than separate CO2 and temperature sensors

• Updated Look: The C7262A adopts the same design as our top selling TR20 Series Temperature Sensors, providing aesthetic consistency in new installations and retrofits

• Convenience: The LCD model shows the CO2 ppm level for quick access to information

• Multiple Applications: Two models cover virtually all wall mount needs for CO2 sensing

Product Specifications:

• Description: Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Sensor, Non-dispersive infrared

• Mounting: Wall mount

• Display: No

• Carbon Dioxide Range: 0 to 2000 ppm, adjustable

• Analog Current Output: 0/2 - 10 Vdc or 0/4 - 20 mA selectable, w/ one relay output

• Relay Output - One: Normally Open SPST

• Electrical Connections: Six leadwires, 20-gauge, 8 in. long

• Voltage: 24 Vac/dc ±20%,

• Frequency: 60 Hz

• Frequency: 50 Hz

• Temperature Sensor Range (F): 50 F to 100 F

• Operating Temperature Range (F): 32 F to 122 F

• Operating Temperature Range (C): 0 C to 50 C

• Timing (response): 1 minute

• Sensor Type: Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR)

• Accuracy: ± (30 ppm + 2% of reading)

• Dimensions (in.): 4 9/16 in. high x 3 in. wide x 7/8 in. deep

• Dimensions (mm): 116 mm high x 76 mm wide x 22 mm deep

• Includes: Honeywell Logo

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