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Deni Supreme Vacuum Sealer - Black

Price USD 102.66
Seller RealDealDeals.com

Discover the advantages of commercial vacuum packaging with the Deni Automatic Food Vacuum Packaging System. For consumers who are concerned about food preservation as well as budget savings this exclusive product from Deni provides ideal commercial quality vacuum packaging for the home. Reduce food spoilage by extending the freshness of food for up to 5 times longer than conventional food storage methods. Countless food items or non-food items can be preserved by vacuum sealing in specially designed and patented air-tight bags. Features: Fully-automatic vacuum and sealing Roll storage compartment with bag cutter Over-ride seal function for delicate foods Extra seal time for thicker bags Vacuum chamber system Bagging material is extra strength with crossed air venting ribs on both sides of bags for maximum air extraction Easy seal only button to reseal bags or create a bag from a roll Save time by preparing meals in advance Eliminate freezer burn reduce spoilage and waste Save hundreds of dollars on your annual grocery bill by buying in bulk Reseal food in their original package (i.e. potato chips cereal salad bags) Keep supplies dry during camping and traveling Prevent silver from tarnishing