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Laundry Odor Eliminator Concentrate (32 oz)

Laundry Odor Eliminator Concentrate (32 oz)
Price USD 23.99
Seller ProKennel

Laundry Odor Eliminator Concentrate (32 oz)
You can also pre-treat heavily contaminated items with L.O.E.®. Simply
add 1/2oz to water and soak prior to washing. When washing pre-treated
items, simply follow the directions above. L.O.E.® is a laundry
additive, not a detergent. For optimal performance, use every time you
machine wash clothes, towels, blankets or scrubs that require odor
removal. L.O.E.® works great for odors caused by urine, feces, emesis,
and other organic odors. L.O.E.® is safe for use with detergents, fabric
softeners, disinfectants and other laundry additives.

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