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accuDEXA Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

Price USD 9,200.00
Seller Medical Device Depot

The accuDEXA Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment
System provides a quick, convenient and economical measure
for determining a patient's fracture risk. Simply place the patient's hand in the unit, follow a simple
set of commands on the view screen, and in 30 seconds you
have the results you need.

Features and Benefits

Everything you need to quickly and confidently
assess your patient's BMD is housed within the unit
simple test can be performed right in your office and does
not require the removal of garments or the application of
messy gels or creams
Results are achieved utilizing super-accurate Dual X-ray
Absorptiometry (DEXA), the industry standard for BMD
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of technology does the accuDEXA use?
accuDEXA utilizes dual-energy X-ray absorbtiometry (DEXA), the standard
in bone densitometry, to assess the bone mineral density (BMD) of the
middle phalange of the third finger.

2. Who is qualified to operate an accuDEXA?
MDs and radiation technologists can operate the accuDEXA. In many
states, nurse practitioners and other properly trained individuals can
operate the device as well.

3. What is the precision and accuracy of the test?
precision in clinical subjects is within 1%. The accuracy error
(SEE=1.8%) is lower than other peripheral and axial techniques.

4. Does finger BMD predict fracture?

There is clear evidence showing that the finger BMD helps predict
generalized fracture as well as other peripheral and axial techniques.

5. How long does an accudexa exam take?
An entire accuDEXA exam takes less than 2 minutes. Scan time is less than 10 seconds.

Technology Comparison

Bone Mineral Density Assessment Technologies: A Comparison

compared to other methods of BMD† assessment, the benefits of accuDEXA
are clearly evident. As this chart demonstrates, accuDEXA helps the
physician make an easier diagnosis of low bone mineral density.

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