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Railroad Air Brakes Historic Book Collection on CD

Railroad Air Brakes Historic Book Collection on CD
Price USD 14.97
Seller History Film Compilations on DVD

The Railroad Air Brakes book collection is a collection of
16 late 19th century and early 20th century books concerning
the development and use of air brakes in railroad locomotives
and freight cars for all rail systems in existence during
this time period. The books run the range from systems that
were available to their use and repair. Several of the books
have detailed illustrations and the collection makes an excellent
reference collection for the historic rail enthusiast.

All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

New York and Westinghouse air brakes (1905) - McShane,
Charles - 218 pages

National air brakes; manual of installation & maintenance
(1907) - National Brake & Electric Co - 151 pages

Introduction to the study of air brakes (1909) - Turner,
Walter V - 391 pages

The Westinghouse & New York Air Brakes-- The Science of
Railways (1903) - Marshall Monroe Kirkman - 219 pages

Straight air brakes ; Automatic air brakes ; Electric
brakes and signals ; Mechanical instructions ; Operating
instructions ; Trial equipment ; Armature repair work ;
Maintenance of equipment ; Electrical measurements and tests
(1907) - International Correspondence Schools - 630 pages

The effect of brakes upon railway trains (1894) - Galton,
Douglas Stratt; Marie, Georges - 199 pages

The air brake catechism and instruction book on the construction
and operation of the Westinghouse and the New York air brakes,
with a list of examination questions for enginemen and trainmen
(1910) - Conger, Clinton Barker - 288 pages

Experiments showing the amount of efficiency to be obtained
by automatic vacuum brakes (1926) - Westinghouse Brake Company,
Limited - 52 pages

Electric railway troubles and how to find them; a comprehensive
treatise on motors, motor operation, motor repairs, car
break-downs, control systems, repairing of control, air
brakes, air brake troubles, and electric railway operation
generally (1909) - Lowe, Paul E. (Paul Emilius) - 394 pages

Brake tests; a report of a series of road tests of brakes
on passenger equipment cars made at Absecon, New Jersey,
in 1913 (1913) - Pennsylvania Railroad. Test Dept - 426

The air-brake; Chicago, American school of correspondence,
1913 (1913) - Ludy, Llewellyn V. - 133 pages

Twentieth century triple air brake questions and answers
(1905) - Burgess, Ernest - 144 pages

N.Y. air-brake pumps ; N.Y. triple valves and brake valves
; N.Y. air-brake troubles ; Train operation ; N.Y. foundation
brake gear ; N.Y. air signal and high-speed brake (1900)
- International Correspondence Schools - 362 pages

Diseases of the air brake system; their causes, symptoms
and cure (1894) - Synnestvedt, Paul - 100 pages

Evolution of the air-brake. A brief but comprehensive
history of the development of the modern railroad brake,
from the earliest conception contained in the simple lever,
up to, and including, the most approved forms of the present
day (1895) - Synnestvedt, Paul - 119 pages

The art of railroading Volume 3 - Modern Air Brake Practice
(1906) - Swingle, Calvin F. (Calvin Franklin); Prior, Frederick
John - 503 pages

Here is an image from one of the volumes:

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