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How many wireless headsets can be used in a given area/office?

How many wireless headsets can be used in a given area/office?
Seller VoIP Headsets

ยท The kind of technology for wireless headset to be applied (DECT 6.0 or Bluetooth).

DECT 6.0 & Bluetooth both these apply entirely diverse working frequencies plus none shall cause interference to one another.

There happen to be a lot of interconnected things that come into play while influencing wireless headsets numbers deployment in general so to get to a conclusive number is highly difficult.

Plantronics for this reason advises a survey of the place that interests customers to place in excess of seventy wireless headsets. You could get in touch with Plantronics engineering if you would require in excess of seventy headsets functional in 1 office.

In usual cases 70 Plantronics wireless headsets could be set up without troubles. In general offices, supposing the phone is vacant for periods in excess of 30-40% of the usage time then 120 could also be the set up. If the environment is conducive then more set ups could be added but a survey is the only way to reach a possible recommendations.

Wireless headsets DECT brand from Plantronics (example CS55) have been quoted 70 'channels'.

DECT's other products estimate 120 feeds. Actually, each one has more than 120, but due to various reasons, somewhere near seventy could be guaranteed. This goes for a large number of DECT systems.

Whenever there are synchronized calls it needs separate feeds and the upper limit is seventy synchronized users. So this is what Plantronics mostly quote, as there are few chances of troubles in users under this figure. Actually the figure for usable products is much more, the customers of Plantronics claim to have set up near to five hundred such headsets.

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