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South Carolina Historic Book Collection on CD

South Carolina Historic Book Collection on CD
Price USD 14.97
Seller History Film Compilations on DVD

Historical South Carolina Book Collection is a collection of 48 volumes relating
to the history of South Carolina and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th
centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits
of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed

history of South Carolina (1918) - Simms, William Gilmore; Oliphant, Mary C. Simms
(Mary Chevillette Simms) - 379 pages
history of South Carolina (1893) - Chapman, John Abney - 282 pages
of higher education in South Carolina (1889) - Meriwether, Colyer; McCrady, Edward
- 247 pages
history of Orangeburg County, South Carolina (1898) - Salley, Alexander Samuel;
Giesssendanner, John Ulrick; Giessendanner, John - 572 pages
history of Methodism in South Carolina (1884) - Shipp, Albert M. (Albert Micajah)
- 652 pages
of Fairfield county, South Carolina (1902) - Ederington, William; Rosson, B. H.
- 95 pages
making of South Carolina (1906) - White, Henry Alexander - 332 pages
voice from South Carolina (1879) - Leland, John A - 231 pages
history of South Carolina from 1725 to 1775 (1899) - Wallace, David Duncan - 93
The history
of South Carolina in the revolution, 1775-1780 (1901) - McCrady, Edward - 899
The history
of South Carolina in the revolution, 1780-1783 (1902) - McCrady, Edward - 787
A history
of the University of South Carolina (1916) - Green, Edwin L. (Edwin Luther) -
475 pages
and condition of the Catawba Indians of South Carolina (1896) - Scaife, Hazel
Lewis - 24 pages
Carolina women in the confederacy (July 1903) - United Daughters of the Confederacy.
South Carolina Division; Taylor, Thomas, Mrs; Conner, Sallie Enders - 413 pages

The mission
of South Carolina to Virginia (1860) - Memminger, C. G. (Christopher Gustavus)
- 34 pages
Carolina. Her wrongs and the remedy (1874) - Lathers, Richard - 11 pages
sketch of the town of Summerville, South Carolina (1910) - Walker, Legaré
- 27 pages
of the Convention of the people of South Carolina (1862) - South Carolina. Convention
(1860-1862); South Carolina. Constitution; Confederate States of America. Constitution;
Jameson, D. F. (David Flavel) - 873 pages
Carolina as a royal province, 1719-1776 (1903) - Smith, William Roy - 441 pages
early period of reconstruction in South Carolina (1905) - Hollis, John Porter
- 183 pages
of the Tax-payers' Convention of South Carolina (1871) - 127 pages
of South Carolina: from its first settlement in 1670 to the year 1808 Volume 1
(1858) - Ramsay, David - 274 pages
of South Carolina: from its first settlement in 1670 to the year 1808 Volume 2
(1858) - Ramsay, David - 307 pages
description and resources of Darlington County, state of South Carolina (1874)
- 29 pages
history of South Carolina under the proprietary government, 1670-1719 (1897) -
McCrady, Edward - 762 pages
colonial history of the Heyward family of South Carolina, 1670-1770 (1907) - Heyward,
James Barnwell - 38 pages
of the Holy Communion Church Institute, of Charleston, South Carolina (1876) -
Porter, Anthony Toomer - 90 pages
of the New England society of Charleston, South Carolina, for one hundred years,
1819-1919 (1920) - Way, William - 307 pages
history of South Carolina. From its first European discovery to its erection into
a republic (1866) - Simms, William Gilmore - 437 pages
contribution to the history of the Huguenots of South Carolina (1887) - Thomas,
T. Gaillard (Theodore Gaillard) publisher ; Porcher, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolphus);
Dubose, Samuel - 176 pages
Jews of South Carolina, from the earliest times to the present day (1905) - Elzas,
Barnett A. (Barnett Abraham) - 352 pages
journal of Alexander Chesney : a South Carolina loyalist in the revolution and
after (1921) - Chesney, Alexander; Jones, E. Alfred (Edward Alfred); Siebert,
Wilbur Henry - 166 pages
history of the upper country of South Carolina : from the earliest periods to
the close of the War of Independence (1859) - Logan, John Henry - 521 pages
brief sketch of the life and military services of Arthur P. Hayne, of Charleston,
South Carolina (1852) - Hayne, Arthur Perronnea - 23 pages
sketch of the history of South Carolina to the close of the proprietary government
by the revolution of 1719, with an appendix containing many valuable records hitherto
unpublished (1856) - Rivers, William Jame - 470 pages
collections of South Carolina; embracing many rare and valuable pamphlets, and
other documents, relating to the history of that state from its first discovery
to its independence, in the year 1776 Volume 1 (1836) - Carroll, Bartholomew Rivers
- 533 pages
collections of South Carolina; embracing many rare and valuable pamphlets, and
other documents, relating to the history of that state from its first discovery
to its independence, in the year 1776 Volume 2 (1836) - Carroll, Bartholomew Rivers
- 576 pages
of the Commissioners of the navy of South Carolina October 9, 1776-March 1, 1779,
July 22, 1779-March 23, 1780; (1912) - 269 pages
historical account of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South-Carolina, from
the first settlement of the province, to the war of the revolution; with notices
of the present state of the church in each parish: and some account of the early
civil history of Carolina, never before published. To which are added; the laws
relating to religious worship; the journals and rules of the convention of South-Carolina;
the constitution and canons of the Protestant Episcopal church, and the course
of ecclesiastical studies (1820) - Dalcho, Frederick - 613 pages
siege of Savannah in December, 1864, and the Confederate operations in Georgia
and the third military district of South Carolina during General Sherman's march
from Atlanta to the sea (1874) - Jones, Charles Colcock - 184 pages
of the American Negro - South Carolina (1917) - Caldwell, Arthur Bunyan - 757
The history
of a brigade of South Carolinians, known first as "Gregg's" and subsequently
as "McGowan's brigade." (1951) - Caldwell, J. F. J. (James Fitz James)
- 247 pages
romance of lower Carolina; historic, romantic and traditional incidents of the
Colonial and revolutionary eras (1915) - Walker, Cornelius Irvine - 161 pages
of the Fourth regiment of South Carolina volunteers, from the commencement of
the war until Lee's surrender. Giving a full account of all its movements, fights
and hardships of all kinds. Also a very correct account of the travels and fights
of the Army of northern Virginia ... This book is a copy of letters written in
Virginia at the time by the author and sent home to his family ... With a short
sketch of the life of the author (1892) - Reid, J. W. (Jesse Walton) - 143 pages
newspaper press of Charleston, S.C. : a chronological and biographical history,
embracing a period of one hundred and forty years (1872) - King, William L - 192
of the old Cheraws: containing an account of the aborigines of the Pedee, the
first white settlements, their subsequent progress, civil changes, the struggle
of the revolution, and growth of the country afterward; extending from about A.D.
1730 to 1810, with notices of families and sketches of individuals (1867) - Gregg,
Alexander - 545 pages
burning of Columbia, S.C. : a review of northern assertions and southern facts
(1866) - Trezevant, D. H. (Daniel Heyward) - 30 pages
sketch of the Charleston Light Dragoons, from the earliest formation of the Corps
(1888) - Wells, Edward Laight - 97 pages

are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running
Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All
the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through
the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or
entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use
and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more
advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD.

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