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Price USD 1,495.00
Seller IP cores, evaluation boards, tools distribution

The Spartan-3E development platform enables efficient design and validation of leading-edge display applications such as flat panel TV monitors and displays, rear projection TVs, and digital projectors. Critical display features such as integrated microcontrollers, embedded MicroBlaze? 32-bit processors, RSDS interfacing, parallel digital signal processing, on-chip memory and high-speed external memory access can be incorporated on a single XC3S1600E Spartan-3E device.

The Spartan-3E Display Solutions Board offers standard connections to display panels and video/tuner boards to verify connectivity solutions and image enhancement algorithms.

FPGA ? Xilinx XC3S1600E-4FG484C
Configuration PROM ? XCF08PVO48
Memory Chip: 4 x Elpida DDR Memory EDD5116ADTA(512Mbit x16) chips
General Purpose SPI Memory ? ST Micro SPI Memory M25P16-VMF6P
External Clock : Programmable PLL, OSC Socket
Extended IO: JAE WR-100S-VF-1 x4 (User I/O: 84 x 4)
DVI Interface: DVI Tx/Rx Option Modules (up to UXGA)
High Speed Extension I/O ? 4 x 100-pin connector ?I/O?42-pin?
Dimension ? 200mm x 230mm
Input Power Supply: 12V DC

Optional Modules:

DVI Tx/Rx Module $598
CameraLink Module $298