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PCI-G8500 is a PCI based Referenced Design Kit (board) populated with Freescale (Motorola) MPC8540 PowerQUICC III Processor. The PCI-G8500 is available with Uboot and Embedded Linux.

The high level of integration and industry standard form factor provides an exceptional development platform for software development and debug, as well as for hardware system development and integration.

The PCI-G8500 is aimed at a wide range of storage and networking applications, such as control processing in routers, switches, network storage applications and image display system or in VPN, firewall, and intrusion detection devices.

The PCI-G8500 can also operate in a stand alone mode. Features:

- Freescale MPC8540 @ up to 833MHz
- One SODIMM Slot for DDR SDRAM (166MHz, up to 1GB memory)
- 8 MB Flash Memory
- I2C based EEPROM
- Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports
- One Fast Ethernet Port
- Rapid I/O Interface confirming to Hardware Inter-operability Platform (HIP) Specs
- One Serial Port through a DB9 Connector
- PCI Form Factor
- Embedded Linux