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Fortune Sticks

Fortune Sticks
Price USD 240.00

Tenyo's mystical Fortune Sticks allow you to read the minds of others!
Display three sticks, each of which contains eight random designs.
After turning your back, you instruct a spectator to select any one of the designs, to stare at it intently and to lock it into her mind.
The spectator then mixes the three sticks so that there is no chance that anyone can discover which design she has chosen.
However, by simply passing your hand over the sticks, you can immediately reveal the mentally-selected design!
You can further increase the mystery by offering a fortune-telling twist as you reveal the thought-of design. "I sense that your love life will reach new peaks in the coming month. You are concerned with affairs of the heart. For this reason, you must have chosen the heart!"
Very easy to perform, yet completely amazing. Based on a brand new, very subtle and clever system that you can learn right away.

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