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Abloy Schlage Deadbolt Cylinder

Abloy Schlage Deadbolt Cylinder
Manufacturer Abloy
Price USD 150.00
Seller Bay Area Locks

This Abloy key-in-knob cylinder can be adapted to fit in a number of Schlage deadbolts, and many other common locks. This particular cylinder includes a "lazy motion" tailpiece - it can rotate 180 degrees on it's own without a key inserted. This action matches the Schlage lock cylinder action. If you contact us with the make and model of your lock we can verify this cylinder's fit for your lock. It will fit in B160 and B660 models perfectly. This cylinder can also be used in Schlage handlesets like the F360 models. Or you can disassemble your current lock and measure the cylinder dimensions, and we can compare it to the cylinders we have available for it. The Abloy cylinder includes two keys, the code card, and the adjustable length tailpiece. Note: To ensure a proper fit, it would be best for you to remove the current lock cylinder and measure it and compare it to the dimensions shown here. Abloy part number CY410N.

The Abloy Protec system requires an additional 90 degrees of key rotation in addition to what you are used to. See these videos for clarification of the lock and unlock process (Flash required to view). Note that the rotation may be the opposite from what is shown here if the deadbolt is installed on the other side of the door:

Locking the Deadbolt (click to play, click to stop)

Unlocking the Deadbolt (click to play, click to stop)

Note: It is easier to complete the 270 degree
rotation by inserting the key upside down first.