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Abloy Padlock PL342

Abloy Padlock PL342
Manufacturer Abloy
Seller Bay Area Locks

As much as high security locks should protect your home or business, high security padlocks should be used when what's behind the door is valuable to you. The Abloy PL342 uses the latest generation Protec system and is the ultimate padlock when you need the ultimate security.

By extending the case-hardened steel body to surround the shackle Abloy has made this padlock virtually impregnable against attack by cutting and prying tools. Suitable for heavy sliding doors, train wagons, trucks, and warehouses, the PL342 is equipped with a case hardened boron steel shackle with a diameter of 10mm. The PL342 is rated as a Grade 4 padlock (see diagram).

Abloy padlocks feature:

Abloy Protec System
Worldwide patent protected keys ensure key security.
Spring-Free Construction
No critical springs to break, corrode or jam if foreign material is inserted; great for outdoor use.
Hardened-Steel, Free-Spinning Keyway
The keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock.
Hardened-Steel Lock Housing
Provides tough resistance to physical attack such as drills, chisels and cutting tools. ABLOY