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Medeco Residential Maxum Single Cylinder

Medeco Residential Maxum Single Cylinder
Price USD 200.00
Seller Bay Area Locks

The residential style Medeco Maxum deadbolt takes the superior commercial style and offers a stylish version for residential use. The residential Maxum has all the quality, strength, security, and physical protection as the commercial style deadbolt. It is designed with specific features that resist the techniques thieves use to gain entry. These locks provide maximum protection with anti-drilling and anti-prying features and includes the Medeco patented high security technology for UL437 listed pick resistance. The outside diameter of this deadbolt is 2.55 inches.

The residential Maxum deadbolt is available in both a 5-pin and a 6-pin model. The differences are:

Maxum 5-pin version:

- The outside deadbolt collar is 0.75" thick.

- The key is slightly shorter than the 6-pin model.

Maxum 6-pin version:

- The outside deadbolt collar is 0.95" thick.

- The key is slightly longer than the 5-pin model.

- The 6-pin deadbolt offers the highest level of security Medeco offers in a high security lock.

The Medeco Maxum deadbolt WILL FIT in a standard Schlage-sized 1-1/2" door hole by removing the large ice pick shield collar. For more information on this, please contact us.

The deadbolt includes the authorization card required to obtain more keys in the future. Features include:
- Strategically placed hardened steel inserts to resist drilling
- Solid brass collar spins under wrench pressure
- Bolt is made from 1" hardened steel
- Special strike plate with 2" screws to protect from kick-ins
- Medeco's patented multi-angle lift and turn lock system

The Medeco locks are made in the U.S.A. by Medeco Lock Company of Salem, Virginia. The Maxum deadbolt has a UL437 listing, ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Grade 1, and ANSI/BHMA A156.30 Level A certification.

This is a special order item as we don't stock all the finishes and key styles. If it is ordered from Medeco typically they take 1-2 weeks to ship the items. Also note that your credit card will NOT be charged until the item actually ships to you.