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Vol. 04, No. 1-4, 1977 CD only

Vol. 04, No. 1-4, 1977 CD only
Price USD 17.00
Seller Chicago & North Western Historical Society - Welcome.!

In Vol. 04 No. 1 January:
Provo, Larry S., C&NW Chairman Dies At Age 49
Radavich, Fireperson Janice
Standard Waycar, The - Bob Janz
Wolfe, James R., Becomes C&NW Chief Executive
Vol. 04 No. 2 April:
Hopper, 2 Bay Centerflow Covered
Hoppers, 2-Bay Centerflow Covered - Eric Bachenberg
OSHKOSH, The Trail of Old Kate - Larry Easton
Vol. 04 No. 3 July:
GP15, EMD - Dennis Eggert
OSHKOSH, The Trail of Old Kate - Larry Easton
Standard Waycar, The - Second Section - Bob Janz
Vol. 04 No. 4 October:
Class J Roster, All Time - John Kamacher
Class J, Maintracker Power - Oakman Mullen
Details West HO Bell
OSHKOSH, The Last Run of Old Kate - Larry Easton
Sleepers, Heavyweight 10-1-2's
CD includes the complete year of 1977

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