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Deluxe Stargazer's Filter Set # 5590

Deluxe Stargazer's Filter Set # 5590
Seller Radio City, Inc.

Deluxe Stargazer's Filter Set #5590

Six of Our Best Filters Plus a Hard Case
Serious observers who want the best views of all types of celestial objects should add this comprehensive filter set to their arsenal. Includes a variable polarizing filter, four planetary filters (#80A medium blue, #25 red, #58 green, and #15 deep yellow), and a SkyGlow broadband light-pollution filter, plus a new hard case. Filters are optical glass with anodized aluminum cells; 1.25" size. Save big on this "mother of all" filter sets!

- SkyGlow Light Pollution Filter: Enhances contrast of all objects, particularly emission nebulas, in moderately light-polluted skies.
- Variable Polarizing Filter: Two polarizing filters in a rotating cell that lets you vary the amount of brightness reduction to the optimal level for Moon or planet viewing.
- #80A Medium Blue Planetary Filter: Enhances details in Jupiter?s belts and Red Spot, high clouds and polar caps on Mars, lunar surface details, Venus cloud features
- #25 Red Planetary Filter: Enhances Martian surface details in large scopes, reveals cloud definition on Venus, accentuates bluish cloud regions on Jupiter and Saturn
- #58 Green Planetary Filter: Enhances contrast of blue and red structures on Jupiter (including Red Spot), melt lines around Martian polar ice caps, accentuates Saturn?s cloud belts
- #15 Deep Yellow Planetary Filter: Boosts contrast of lunar features, accentuates red and orange features on Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, reveals low-contrast cloud detail on Venus

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