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Price USD 324.00

PSY-Key is a modern car key that turns over in the performer's hand, while untouched on a table, even in a spectator's hand!

Finally magicians can perform the classic Haunted Key effect with a modern key, rather than a skeleton key. This key can be made to turn over in the performer's hand while seated at a table. If standing, the performer can insert the key into the spectator's fist or lay on their palm-up hand, then concentrate and cause the key to actually turn in the spectator's hand! Or, have a spectator lightly cup her hands together, covering the key, and she will scream when she feels the key turn!

A range of effects can be performed at the table, like placing the key under a hanky and have spectator's touch the corners and concentrate on the key...it moves a bit, rises, then turns over. A great seance effect!

Another effect is to get (at your local locksmith shop) 4 or 5 more keys, and put a different color id ring on each key. The keys can be mixed in separate, small bags while the performer's back is turn, then he or she can locate the bag with the 'chosen' key without asking questions or opening the bags.

PSY-Key is a normal, everyday key that has been 'altered'. Using a second gaff, the magician can make the key turn over easily, through thick tables, spectator's hands, etc. Many other PK effects can be performed with the second gaff, marketed separately as The Bat.

PSY-Key comes complete, with the special key, identification Key Ring and Chazpro's "Bat" gaff. The gaffing of the key is nearly invisible. Performers can use the key as is, or with the colored id key ring (included) that completely conceals the gaff. (An id ring is the colored ring of plastic people put over different keys to color-code them.) The PSY-Key has been cut, so it will look like a normal key on your key ring.

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