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Sloan Wainwright

Sloan Wainwright
Price USD 15.00
Seller Waterbug

"Sloan Wainwright marks the full-length debut of a singular vocalist/songwriter and her equally distinctive band. Sloan is the youngest sister of folk veteran Loudon Wainwright III, but she sounds not a quark like her illustrious sibling. Instead, her voice carries the forthright, husky self-assertion of Joan Armatrading's early recordings; her unorthodox phrasing and poetic enunciation would please the young Tim Buckley; and her melodies are the aural equivalent of smoky, tantalizing aromas emanating from a soul kitchen.
- Greg Linder, Dirty Linen

Ten of the CD's 12 selections are originals written by Wainwright - most are moving, articulate explorations of love and identity Hence the piano-and-vocal-only rumination on "I'm Only Listening":

I can hear the truth
Is it true that what
I hear could set me free?
It sounds like the
three-inch finch
Singing from the thistle weed.

On the other hand, 'Hey Girl' delivers a 60s-style pop/soul groove" - Greg Linder, Dirty Linen.

1. Hey Girl
2. Unseen Guide
3. Box Of Rain
4. Steal My Thunder
5. Poison Television
6. On a Windy Day (Baretrees)
7. Daddy's Water
8. Without
9. Arms Length
10. Our Love
11. Stand
12. I'm Only Listening

On A Windy Day (Baretrees)

On a windy day
On a windy day
I feel the trees sway
On a windy day
I watch the leaves fall
Down to the ground
Leaving the bare trees
Bare trees

On a windy day
I will crawl under
Buried underneath
Discarded colors
Down to the ground
Leaving the bare trees
Bare trees

I will find my sleep
Soundly I will leave
Warmed up by the sun
My spirit simmering
And when I have awakened
Reluctant and removed
Torn bits of sycamore
The ash
The shaggy hickory

On a windy day
I am swept upward
Imitating flight grabbing at the sky
Betrayed by gravity
Down to the ground leaving the bare trees
Bare trees

Sloan wrote this song from the point of view of a squirrel!