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Seller: DtiCorp.com

Country:    Worldwide
Languages:    English
Description:    Shop DtiCorp.com for a wide selection of Honeywell thermostats, HVAC controls and accessories. Catalogue includes high quality tankless water heaters, HVAC equipment, gas valves and sensors. DtiCorp.Com is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL and has been serving the needs of HVAC professionals for over 15 years. We have earned a reputation as one of the most technically competent HVAC controls distributors in the USA. If you have a tough control problem give us a call 1.800.757.5999, our salespeople have the knowledge to help!

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   DtiCorp.com: A Positive Example Of Customer Experience Let’s dissect what went right. 1. It was a great sales process. All large companies want to cross-sell products, but not many make it quite as easy as this. The combination of a low price for Honeywell HVAC thermostats and a no-nonsense process immediately closed the sale. 2. DtiCorp acted like they knew me. 3. The phone agent was empowered to solve problems... And that’s part of what was needed to meet my needs. 4. The agent knew the online process. In many companies phone agents aren’t very familiar with what happens when a customer goes online. In this case, the agent clearly understood (and communicated) the process that the customer needed to go through online 5. The online process was very simple. 6. DtiCorp.com did what it said that it would do. When a company doesn’t live up to its promises, you can say goodbye to customer goodwill. But that wasn’t an issue here. DtiCorp set clear expectations with the customer — and delivered exactly what it promised. This type of experience is not a random occurrence for DtiCorp.com — they have very high levels of member loyalty. It wouldn’t hurt if other companies from other industries learned a thing or two from DtiCorp.com
August 11th, 2009

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